Better AI Please

Wish the AI was better, just wiped on Skittergate because the AI was just staring at me getting clawed by a gutter runner

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Fatshark will not improve their own AI because they want you to use quickplay. Better hope the bot improvement mods become sanctioned, but because of the aforementioned reason, I kinda doubt it.


Bots should be able to do basic things, like prioritize reviving and pushing/killing specials on you.
( They admittedly do it, but often are just stuck staring or running on the spot. )

The reason for not doing so is incredibly poor.


Thats the excuse they like to roll around.

At this point I call their competence at coding questionable at best, they didn’t DESIGN the bots to be sub-par, the bots are coded no differently than the enemies. I have seen Gutter runners and other enemies just hang back or run in place, Bosses aggressively vibrating at players without attacking, and some bosses repetitively climbing up and down platforms before teleporting around the area. The bots in V1 during launch would walk into walls. I highly doubt that was coded on purpose, and I doubt the case is the same for V2.

just QP with real people, if you CAN find any considering the recent issues. Being a fan of this game is suffering.


Probably both. If they dont add better bots to sanctioned list soon we have confirmation. Unless, of course, they stop adding mods because ps4 port needs all the attention.

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we had this in the first game, and it’s actually not an AI problem! they have an issue with how maps are built where the small raised areas are read as cliffs of unknown height, so AIs can’t see a way past them.

…they said they were going to fix that for maps in the second game. fecking fatshark.

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Man, the bots are a million times better than Vermintide 1, so I won’t complain. It’s pretty unusual that they glitch like that and don’t do as they should. I’d say for the most part, the bots are pretty Johnny-on-the-spot. They’re never going to be perfect.

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