More bugs with Bots charging into hordes and dying and running through gas globes and dying

Issue Summary: I’ve notice as more patches come out my bot intelligence keeps getting worse. If I have Kerillian Waystalker spec bot she will often charge into hordes, become surrounded and die. I have also seen my Saltzpyre Bounty Hunter spec bot do the same. I am not sure why they charge into the enemy instead of staying back with me. This happens almost every horde that spawns with Kerillian Waystalker and only maybe once or twice a map with Saltzpyre Bounty Hunter.

2nd issue is poison globes. My bots will constantly run through them to get to me or to get to other enemies. I literally just played Convention Of Decay (Champion with all bots) where they kept running through the gas hurting themselves to where I have to use up most the healing when gas rats spawn. Also since bots will usually only shoot specials/elites if they are close since they make you try to kill everything, it can be extremely difficult to get the gas rat/specials when I’m in the middle of combat with a horde, boss or elites and would die myself if I don’t take care of what is in melee combat with me.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play any champion map private with bots only and see how they often try to hurt/kill themselves
  2. I only use Kerillian in Waystalker and Saltzpyre in Bounty Hunter so might just be something for those specs, but not sure.
  3. Let the gas rats through globes and avoid them and watch bots run through them or run to kill other enemies.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%) As you guys update bugs and release more patches my bots get worse and worse. I play on champion and while I had no problem before I’m having a terrible time playing or even trying to play, as my bots are dying and I’m left to try and solo with all my grims/tomes lost.

Additional Information: I’m not sure why the bots are getting worse when you patch but it is something that should be looked into. I like this game and with all the bugs I keep having with my bots and how many random players I get that keep losing grims/tomes and dying, I’m at a point where I might just stop because I can’t find a solid way to play this game anymore. It’s supposed to be challenging and fun, but I’m becoming more and more disheartened by the fact that I can’t seem to find good players on par with my caliber in this game randomly and my bots are not functioning like they used to in champion.

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