Kerillian bot running around with bow out getting hit all the time?

I’m glad Fatshark released the BOT fix last patch; however, Kerillian still seems to have an issue. If there is a special around she keeps her bow out and just doesn’t block anymore. I doubt this is intentional but, come on …

Also, bots still chase specials down halfway across the level. Example: kruber has 35/40 shots and runs to melee a gass rat on the other side of horde/boss. Can’t keeping the bots within a few feet of host be an option to turn on/off ?



The ranged weapon bot thing happens with all bots as far as I know. I was disappointed when I saw they still hadn’t fixed that. It’s so frustrating to have your bots eating hits or actively trying to get behind you during hordes so they can stand around with their ranged weapon out doing nothing

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