Bots vs Melee

Recently I’ve figured out Record feature of Shadowplay and want to share some clips of extreme bots’ stupidity.
The issue is that they sometimes decide to equip ranged weapon and stick to it even when there are enemies nearby and get hit by them, often to death. Bots don’t do that all the time, so I’m not entirely sure what causes this.
it’s a very old problem, I’ve been facing it for quite some time , so the Engineer update has nothing to do with it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play with bots.
  2. ???
  3. Watch them running around with guns.

Here’s some video footage of best boi Kruber acting stupid (though all bots can act this way, Kruber, Saltzpyre and Kerillian are best to observe it). All of the clip were recorded within a single game of Righteous Stand.

  1. Arena event. Party got attacked by various specials (blightstormers, leeches, gunners etc.) and regular infantry. Kruber refused to equip his sword and got downed:
  2. Second grimoire area. Chaos warrior managed to get behind us and Kruber ignored him which let to his demise:
  3. Second tome area. Kruber shows impressive dodge skills avoiding stormvermin attacks with gun in hands. Turns out that there was shieldvermin up top, probably that’s made him act this way:

In a similar vein, I’ve had Bounty Hunter Saltzpire bring out his CS Gun but the enemy he was going to shoot died before the trigger was pulled. He walked around with that gun out until we came across another enemy worth shooting. i.e. he stood there doing nothing during regular hordes.

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Wetmagic illustrated this very well in his new video :smiley:
17:13 if the link misses the time stamp.

While bot pathing shouldnt be like that in the first place are fatshark devs 100% to blame here? I dont think so. Thats crap player positioning if anything…My bots dont behave like that there.

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