Bots vs Ranged Weapons and Nearby Enemies

Sometimes bots ignore nearby enemies and equip their ranged weapons.
Maybe it’s because enemies are on different hight level than bots. Maybe it’s because of moon phases, I don’t know.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play with bots.
  2. Don’t attack enemies, just defend yourself.
  3. Observe bots, mostly Kruber. It’s most noticable on him, but others do that as well.

Here are two videos.

  1. Skittergate. I needed to sneeze really bad, so I stopped for a moment. A single marauder used this opportunity and attacked Kruber. Bot ignored it and only kept coming back into his position after being pushed away until he got downed.
  1. Also Skittergate, also Kruber. He fought a berserker, blocked his attacks at first (as he’s supposed to do), but then decided to equip his handgun and got slapped several times. Pathetic.

It’s a long existing issue and has nothing to do with new bot improvement patches. I think.
That’s about it. Thank you for your attention.


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