Bot behavior is borked in some ways

I get it, bots shouldn’t be as good as good human players. But, there are some instances in which I believe bot behavior is completely broken. Generally they relate to reluctance to use ranged weapons. Some examples:

  1. Bots running into the flame of a Warpfire thrower trying to melee them, obviously getting pushed back and eventually just dying to the damage.

  2. Bots completely ignoring a packmaster running towards the group in an empty room in full view of everyone, until the packmaster inevitably grabs someone, at which point they start running after it trying to melee it.

  3. Running about 300 meters to go chop a gasrat in the face as it lobs globes into the group.

Like I said, I get that bots shouldn’t be absurdly fast super snipers that kill any special the instant it turns up, but come on. This sort of bot behavior is just ridiculous.

TL;DR: I wish bots weren’t so terrified of using ranged weapons, especially in the situations described above.

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