Bot bugs since recent patch


After this update, the bots have become problematic to the point of game ending.

  1. They refuse to get out of the way of your aim to shoot a special, and go after it no matter what.
  2. Will never get a potion, and IF they try, they get stuck on this one trajectory path and then become stuck.
  3. During hordes, they seem to now to refuse to attack. 30 skaven deep and they look them dead in the eye and do nothing.



I’ll add another:

Going out of their way to alert patrols. I watched Merc Kruber bot peel off from the rest of the group (me & 2 other bots), walk right up to a chaos patrol, ult in their faces, and then immediately die. No specials around, hadn’t been ordered to pick up any items. Just went on Kruber’s Bizarre Adventure for no apparent reason.


Those bugs have existed since before the recent patch.

They will take potions if ordered through the chat wheel, but in some locations, there are bugged pathing and bots won’t be able to take the items even if ordered. In what location(s) did you notice this bug happening?

Some ults (e.g., GK, Waystalker, BH) could cause bots to become stuck in their ult animation and cause them to not attack nor defend themselves. IB could also get stuck blocking and will not attack after ulting.

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