Bots behaviour is terrible after recent patch

This seems more apparent on legend and cataclysm but since the recent patch regarding bot-changes, bot decisions are now incredibly questionable. Here’s a few issues we’ve been having:

  1. They seemingly do anything to kill specials -which includes sprinting into Cata patrols, and standing in gas
  2. They don’t dodge hookrats anymore
  3. They don’t dodge blightstorms anymore (Including Burblespues Vortex)
  4. They quite often just stand completely still and watch a downed player
  5. Grail Knight bot gets stuck with his ult held, and goes down
  6. Outcast Engineer seems to only use his crankgun and nothing else

These may all seem like pretty petty things to flag but I’ve noticed at least a few of the above mentioned each mission now, with some of them even completely jeopardising our Cataclysm missions.

I wasn’t sure whether to post this in bugs or in feedback but I think it’s more suited as a bug, and I couldn’t find anyone else mentioning anything with how terrible these new bots are, but sorry nonetheless if this is a repeat topic.


Can personally vouch for 1-5. Also I can add that to 3 that they do not care about Nurgloth ground ring spells whatsoever, so they get zapped pretty much every time because they just go up to him to engage in melee.

These are all bad behaviours - but didn’t they do most of these before? I do recall they would dodge hookrats if they saw them coming, at least.

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Maybe if there are no enemies around they do, but practically speaking, it feels like they long to feel their hooks. If you know what I mean.

bots do dodge hookrats and they do try to avoid tornados. the bots have never tried to avoid burblespue tornado, they always charge him due to their messed up priority to always focus on monsters and bossed, despite being attacked by other enemies.

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