Have People Noticed a Difference in Chaos Hordes?

One of the big tweaks that people seem to not be talking about much was how they tweaked the behaviour of Chaos Hordes.

I’ve had only limited play-time since the release, but I have only seen them get to hyper-density one time so far, where it is expected that should happen; a doorway.

Has anyone else noticed any effect? Positive or Negative?


Positive, they seemed a lot more manageable. Didn’t see much hyper-density and attacks were easier to see coming.

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It was the fourth and fifth items in the patch note section titled “Enemies”, for reference.

Actually you’re right. My bad. Sorry.

Btw we should thank j_sat for that.


Yeah, props to j_sat. I saw that stream, and he did a good job showing that stuff off.

I got stun-locked yesterday by a horde of chaos trash and went down (I was distracted by a CW). I was quite surprised. Maybe it was an isolated incident but I don’t remember that ever happening in a split second like it did.

There were also, in the same session, a couple of instances where it felt like I got hit by several enemies, standing inside each other, at once.

Athel yenlui- after you drop to the chest at the beginning, the group stood on the higher ground before the Y crossing, i stood at the front with spearmaiden, holding block, and waited for the horde, i got killed(not even downed, red hp gone in like half a sec) in less than 2 seconds by 20+ mobs (had 5 stamshields,20%hp got hit only from front, but there was more than 20+ zombie where should only be like 3)… So hyperdensity is still a problem, since you usually fight hordes at chokepoints…
Also zombie hitrange is still atrocius, along with berzerkers with their 5m long arms, and CWs still skating after you with their overhead swings, (and they reach you with that hit EVEN WHEN YOU RUN WITH SPEED POTION)

Thanks for the link

Side dodge?

i simply run away with speedpotion, looked back for a sec and i couldnt make any distance, and had to dodge those overheads

I had this exact same thing happen to me in the exact same spot. I think this is an issue with the horde spawns being badly implemented though, ie. All or most of a horde simply appearing in play, already swinging at you. From horn to horde, I was dead through block before I took five steps.

Its the slot system, as explained in j_sat’s vid. In that spot max 4 zombie(4 small slot, or even just 3 idk) should be able to hit the player, not the whole damn horde. I hoped they fix it in this patch after they discussed the issue on livestream( along with the fanatic hitbox, running attacks etc…)

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Not doubting that it could be a slot system mess-up, but could it have been hyperdensity forming at the choke? Because even in VT1 that would break the slot system, when a horde has to condense to go into a more narrow area.

its basically the same thing :smiley: and hyperdensity is BS and should be fixed

In that particular spot they’re well spread out it’s just they spawn too fast and are all on top of you before you can do anything, swinging from all angles.

they came at me in a straight line, then rekt…

Oh I misinterpreted your case then. Yeah, mine was fanned out but I get this in multiple places, with the horde just appearing, sometimes with damage proccing as they spawn.

Yeah, phantom hordes appearing around you is pretty damn bad. I feel like it’s a level design thing; by making levels bigger and more open, it led to spawn points being put in the open . . . if in VT1 a horde spawned five feet away but was behind a wall they had to climb over, you’d never have realized it. But now more of the spawn points are literally in the path of players.

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Sorry to double-post, but I’m curious; you were on the high-ground, so were they dropping in from above, climbing up from below, or coming around the back ramp, or something else altogether?

they run to the group from the left side of the Y crossing in a straight line, i waited them on top of the ramp, standing still and holding block