Patrol kill incentive?

Can we get a loot dice or something for killing the large patrols? Everyone just sneaks past them and really no benefit to killing them, especially on legend.

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I have plenty of groups that kill them if we have the means too. Although, the whole point of a patrol is to be an obstacle, not a punching bag.

That’s pretty much the point. The patrols are supposed to be dangerous enough that killing them isn’t the first choice, but still doable. They’re meant to be avoided more often, and if they notice you unintentionally, they can actually do a lot of harm.

Unfortunately, patrols (particularly Skaven ones) are quite trivial to deal with, even with only moderate experience on the chosen difficulty, making the choice a moot point. Often enough, it’s faster and easier to just destroy the patrol before continuing on. Only rarely is avoiding it a clearly better option (somewhat more often for Chaos patrols, with the bunch of Mauler and CWs there).

So extra incentive for killing them would be counterproductive to what they’re meant to be. In all honesty, I’d actually like some of the enemies in both versions changed to berserkers, as they’d actually make them clearly more dangerous and harder to deal with, just to incentivise avoiding them more.


Eh, I dont know about that. Why does there need to be extra incentive to kill them?
Generally I will pull them just for fun. Can give a nice little spike in difficulty in an otherwise yawnfest vanilla Legend Run.

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Patrols are supposed to be avoided! I hope they step them back up big time in the upcoming higher difficulty. In V1 you got 20 of them and they were each about 80% as dangerous as a V2 CW.
I hope they add specials like globs to them to give even more incentive not to aggro them.


This wouldn’t change anything other then “IF” you happen to not avoid and kill them you get a dice. I do think they should be hard too imo

I would like them to add 2 more CWs and a few zerks to chaos patrols and 2 SV and 2 SSVs to the skaven ones.

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It seems stupid, but it’s often safer to just kill them than risk having them do a loop and drop on you at a bad moment. They’ve been scary as hell in this week’s weekly though.


If we got a single loot die for taking out a patrol I would do it every time.

Patrols can be fun. You get everyone ready, pull them when you want, and bomb if you can. We often pull them anyway since the alternative is just standing there and waiting for them to pass. You’re already committing that time to the patrol so why not do some clicking?

Don’t really understand why. Patrols are already pretty easy especially if you got some resources with you (Bombs, potions).

In games with RV and Bomb drops they are virtually pointless as they just get carpet bombed.

I’m honestly more wary of smaller packs of Berzerkers and plague monks than Patrols.

Originally, during the pre-release beta, they were all CWs iirc. That was a bit too dangerous, though, especially at that point when people still couldn’t deal with them effectively. Chaos patrols were toned down a couple of times, to the spot where they now are.

I cannot understand the point of patrols now.
In Legend, more often than not, you got more ambient CWs/SVs than a single patrol.

Really? Aren’t patrols like 10-14 SV? CW patrols are a bit more of an issue, but they’re easily dealt with as well. Still, I don’t recall ever entering an area and there’s 10 CWs standing around…

None the less, decent players and a the right load outs will trivialise most content. There’s a few characters that can 1 shot CWs and nearly all can 1 shot SV with the right weapons and properties.

CWs patrols aren’t composed of 10 CWs but a mix.
Anyway about SVs, you can easily find zones with 7-8 SVs as ambient mixed with monks and other amenities.

About patrols, one of the problems, in some maps, is the too short walking paths. E.g. in the last maze in Garden of Morr.

None the less, they’re pretty easy to deal with. Just off the top of my head, all 3 elf classes can 1 shot SV with daggers, S&D, glaive and longbow. Not sure about her other weapons, but then again, shade can 1 shot anything with her ULT. Slayer can even 1 shot CWs with his pick axe. Salty can 1 shot SV with his rapier and I believe his A&F as well. Then he has his ranged which can all 1 shot SV as well. Same for Kruber and Bardin with the handgun and shot gun. And then the huntsmen can do it with a few weapons. So there’s actually a lot of classes out there that can deal with them pretty easily.

Yep, 14 enemies per patrol on Legend. In Skaven patrols, those are a mix of shielded and regular Stormvermin (I think six shielded and eight regular), in Chaos patrols they’re equal amounts of Chaos Warriors, Maulers and Bulwarks.

While it’s somewhat rare, roaming Elites and other enemies can still sometimes be found standing around in similar amounts, occasionally even a few more. Add that to a horde, or add a few berserkers to the mix, and sometimes you get a bunch of roaming enemies that are more worrisome than patrols - though they often are spaced widely enough that with moderate sense in engagement you don’t have to fight quite everything at once. Still, that too kind of diminishes the threat of patrols.

Only on HBFS Deeds I’m immediately on the side of avoiding Skaven patrols, otherwise they’re trivial as long as they’re engaged on our terms.

I think there should be an incentive for killing them, there is for monsters and monsters are unavoidable. Patrols can’t spawn at the same time as monsters either so getting a lot of patrol spawns that could have been monsters provides nothing but making you wait it out and get an extra horde, which is rather boring.

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I don’t think this would work at all. Patrols are supposed to be a punishment or impediment for not paying attention. If you added a reward however small you’ll have people go from avoiding patrols to attacking every patrol on sight.

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I find patrol on the roofs of Magnus Horn unavoidable tho

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