Remove Patrols until they're fixed or fix them quickly

Right now, Patrols are just absolutely insanely broken at the moment. Especially with the insane way they scale with difficulty. Not only do the enemies in the patrol get stronger but also they add significantly more enemies to it. This means the difficulty of the patrol explodes exponentially instead of adding.

Right now they are SO BROKEN! ranging from an insane amount of bugs. The most common being them spawning right next to you, being silent or even spawning inside of your group. There is also an issue of the patrol splitting up. 2 normal guys walking away from the patrol but also being part of it, hitting them and triggering the rest of the patrol found so far far away. Patrols just standing stationary in spots you need to pass… it just seems they fundamentally don’t work right now.

heh heh removing patrols would trivialise the game by quite a bit, if even temporary =)

i c wot u did thar

It’s more that they’re genuinely broken at the moment.

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