Patrols often aren't audible from far enough away to avoid

In 1.1 Legend we end up pulling a majority of patrols simply because you can’t hear it until it is so close that your chances of hiding from it are so low especially if you are fighting anything in that area. This is better than silent patrols of course and patrols aren’t so bad now with previous changes and power fixes, but it is very frustrating.

Also, there are a few patrols like the one that marches around the first house in Against the Grain that are just necessary to fight as they are unavoidable for normal legend runs. If you try to sneak by them after they march off map, they just march right back and get you from behind as you try to clear the trash in and around the house. It is silly to have a patrol that you can hardly avoid at all.


Imo that’s one of the easiest patrols to avoid. If it’s there, you just run into the house and they will never get you.

The problem arises, though, when the boss comes. You need some space to kite it also ults start flying left and right, so you have a 90% chance to pull that patrol and die when playing with pugs.

eh, i dont have an issue detecting and listening for patrols ever since they made the tweaks and improvements to it in the latest patches. i always end up in groups that dont take precaution fighting hordes when patrols are around, then they aggro it and go ‘OMG SILENT PATROL’ while i am in a safe spot shaking my head (or prepping a bomb throw, lol)

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Haha yeah I see that sometimes too. The best is when I’m on voice chat going “PATROL, PATROL, GUY’S THERE’S A F****** PATROL PUSH LEFT”, 15 seconds later, patrol aggro, teammates say “WTF SILENT PATROL”, me–>facepalm…


I believe patrol AND boss never spawns in same area.

Actually you might be right.

Good to see you’re still around playing the game, KrazyKruber. And here I thought after threatening to leave us for the 100th time you’d really go through with it.

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Im so pissed with this game. Yet anther patrol spawned during horde, said “Ho” once, aggroed and “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WIPE”

Festering ground btw, horde music bugged as always

i belive there is some maps that this CAN happend.
The Screaming Bell 1st tome patrol spawn on stears and when u go up in house boss spawn.
Festering Ground grim key location u can spawn patrol+boss there. even on 3rd tome, drop down big forest u can get patrol + boss

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Yeah, turning a corner and standing face to face with a patrol that didn’t make a sound up to the point where you stare right at them, is totally unjustified and people are just in a rush. This happens a lot to me on righteous stand.

What are we supposed to do? Not move?

Why are you quoting me for something @mookanana said?

Either way, clearly we were both talking about patrols that DO make sound, but our teammates don’t pay attention to the sound of them, or to chat warnings about them… or the patrol went by a minute a go, horde comes, and team forgets the patrol is coming back and decides to fight the horde right in the patrol return path…

Obviously actual silent or face spawn patrols are a bug that should be fixed.

Uuuh, yeah. No idea why I quoted you, there. My bad :>

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Oh, you have no idea!


You do realize I get a notification if you reply to my post, right? :smiley:

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