Alot of people cry about patrols here without understanding how they work. Here’s my notes about them, hopefully this will help.

(this is discounting spawn bugs, I’m talking about normal working patrols)

  1. patrols PATROL between 2 points of a map, and they take a fixed route.
  2. when they reach an end point, they stop, and they are silent.
  3. they turn back and take the same route to the other end point.
  4. while on the move, they are really noisy and are easily detectable by echolocation.
  5. a common bad gameplay move by quickplay randoms is to follow behind a patrol while they move up, only to get caught on the reverse route because they get stuck fighting a horde.
  6. you want to save explosive bombs for these guys, throwing a bomb will normally take 1/2 - 3/4 of them out if timed and thrown well (one of the most satisfying things in game)
  7. ensure your party is ready (not engaging anything else) before manually triggering a patrol, so you can have a sorta coordinated burst dps. i usually just look to see if they have eyes on the patrol.
  8. ironbreaker’s ability is fantastic for handling patrols, at level 25 he can just sit in the middle for 15 seconds while your dps tries to take as many out as possible. great for legend chaos packs.

Excellent post. I know if my usual group and I are in bad shape we’ll do our best to sneak by patrols if we can. It’s incredibly fun to do, adds some stealth and suspense!

i recently had a very harrowing moment where i was the last person left in the party, and a patrol was coming back, there was only 1 location to hide because it was just past a dropdown point… but it was really near them.

i swear i was crouching just right outside their detection radius… i was so goddamn close and my party was crying already. lol. thankfully they walked by and i was able to res them after.

love patrols in the game.

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