Righteous Stand buggy patrol

There mostly spawns a pat behind the barrier at the end of this picture. (the room after the 1st grim)

So i had it 2 times yet, that the patrol spawns , when you pass it. ( hear the audio) Just a barrier separates the players and the patrol in this moment.
Everyone just run fast upstairs and all seems fine,but suddenly the patrol get pulled from ???. They probably mention, that we´re upstairs. Noone were near them and we all were fighting a horde / SV upstairs. They got instant aggro, after they jump over the barrier. So please fix that FS.

Got that too at the same spot but my patrol was downstairs and got us from behind while we were fighting back ambush. Very damn awful

Sure ults like Impenetrable, Leap and Morale Boost can pull patrols through floor

Noone used it. We had a Zealot bot, HM, Huntsman and an IB bot who used his ultimate, when the patrol stood into us. (at the 2nd time it happened)

I can confirm this patrol pulls from down below the upstairs area. No one uses an ult and it still agros. It somehow detects you vertically even if you are very cautious.

I’d honestly rather Fatshark just remove the patrol system completely and instead just give us a fat stack of Stormvermin or Chaos Warriors in open areas that we must fight to progress. Fighting a bunch of elites you know you have to fight isn’t a keyboard smash moment. But having a patrol agro you every few maps while you are unprepared and you have no idea why it agrod is a keyboard smash moment.

Even if i would like more enemies in the area´s, i don´t think removing the patrols isn´t a good idea.
Every run lives and falls with the AI - director , luck and probably if you´ve to fight a boss/patrol. It need some “oh feck” moments to be more fun. (my opinion)
Actually the ai-director is so broken, that the runs are quite boring. just 3-4 horde the whole map and a solo boss VS hard buffed melee-weapons.
I hope they´ll fix the patrols and horde spawning fast.

Hi Darth_Angeal, one of our level designers have had a look at the place you mentioned and have tweaked the patrol spawn there - so it should hopefully be better the next time we roll out a patch containing that level fix.

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