The guy who coded patrols and their paths deserves a slap or two

Its the worst on halescourge mission. The patrol pathing there is absolutely stupid. For instance, on the part where you have to cross the river. The stack of barrels there, they path around that. Why? I have no idea. Youd think they wouldnt care about a secluded area like this, but clearly its most important to check the barrels.

Then the patrol just after the 3rd tome in the tower, going up and down the narrow path in a way that you positively CANT even get past them without triggering them.

And another thing about patrols spawning silently behind you, then getting triggered and charge you without a sound. Happened on BrachsenbrĂĽcke just before entering the dungeon and on warcamp around the candle behind the tent.

Well, if we’re talking realistically, they would be most interested in secluded areas. A heavily armored patrol wouldn’t exactly expect small group of upstarts to meet them head on in the middle of a road.

Thats not vermintide 1 realism. They specifically made patrols follow the main path so you have a chance of avoiding them. I guess that went out of the window in V2 for a more random and CURAZY gameplay experience.


Next step would be to randomize patrol paths, or at least make them variable. :smile:

I sense that you’re probably be sarcastic, but I actually like the idea.

The idea is good, but can FS handle the implementation?

It wouldn’t be hard if implementing a semi-dynamic method. Have a few possible paths that they could follow and when they reach the endpoint of one, do a random check to see which one they follow next.

Has some variance to keep you on your toes while avoiding the absurdity that full randomizing could bring.

Well, we see how well they do current patrols. No thanks on taking it a step further towards unpredictability.

Just had a patrol spawn in my LoS AND in trigger range in the ravine on athel yenlui.

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I don’t know man. I really liked patrols in V1. In vermintide 2 even if they work, have sound and don’t spawn right on top of you i despise them with their horrible paths. They only make the game more frustrating to me and yet somehow in vermintide 1 they were exciting.

In VT1, most times when you waited the patrols out once, they were pretty much gone, having too long routes to effectively have a chance of finding you again. Now at least you have to be active in avoiding them, so that even when you sneak past them, you need to move ahead fast afterwards.

It is annoying and often dangerous enough that there are some routes you effectively cannot avoid, forcing the team to tackle the patrol, but right now, I see it just as an occasional part of gameplay, and even Chaos patrols aren’t that hard to deal with - if you have some consumables and can engage them on your conditions.

Patrols getting stuck (Spiral staircase in Convocation of Decay seems to be a very common place for this) and their sounds lacking for one reason or another (it often seems to happen because the whole patrol stands in place, either because they’re genuinely stuck or because their turning around seems to be wonky too) is another thing entirely. Those will make them either surprise us (which honestly shouldn’t happen with that amount of armour walking around) or completely unskippable. They are genuine bugs, too, that should be stomped. It just seems that these particular ones are roaches…

Patrols in the spawn on war camp are always fun…

I dunno why it hasn’t been implemented but patrols simply should have no collision when they’re actually patrolling. Apparently they get stuck if there is some ambient guy standing there and blocking them in narrow ways.

Also, bots should not be able to aggro patrols in any way. Like, patrols should ignore everything bots do. I believe it was like that in VT1. In VT2, however, bots consistently ruin runs with their straight up dumb pathing and sometimes because there’s some special in the middle of patrol they WILL attempt to shoot or even kill in melee.

No, it wasn’t. About half of the time we didn’t fight a patrol on purpose, it was because bot decided to do something stupid. "Noo-o, don’t go chasing that gunner now…"It was just that their patrol routes were so long that nearly always you only needed to avoid them once and not worry afterwards, and you could hear them from a long, long way away. These gave quite good opportunities to manipulate even the bots to avoid them. Specials also didn’t spawn quite as much, giving less opportunities for bots to screw things up.

I really like this part of the patrols. There’s nothing quite like sneaking past a patrol only to hit a bunch of ambient elites or a horde and everyone yelling “MOVE, MOVE, WE GOTTA PUSH THROUGH THIS, THE PATROL IS COMING BACK!” Especially when you can hear that marching in the distance, slowly getting louder…

I do agree with OP though the patrol paths really leave something to be desired compared to VT1. Many times in VT2 I find myself scratching my head thinking “WTF why are they patrolling right there?” Like in the first open area of the Righteous Stand where the SV patrol will ignore the nice paved road and instead patrol right through the cluttered marketplace sort of area after parkour-ing down the 20ft stone wall. it would make way more sense and feel better to have them patrol on the road, while the sneaky heroes hid behind boxes and such in the market…

Patrols in V1 felt big and scary, their pathing (and how to avoid it) intuitively made sense, and if you fought one it was because you chose to or you screwed up in a way you could fix the next time. Patrols in V2 sometimes feel that way, but more often they feel derpy and immersion breaking, and too many times you end up fighting them because there was literally no way around them or they were just too glitched out and you got tired of waiting.

I would prefer if they patroled at all …