Patrols need sound cues (ed: Or callouts)

Patrols exist, but either they have no sound cues or they’re far too quiet. As a result many people aren’t aware there even are patrols and just bumble into them (and I’ve seen a few ‘we need patrols like VT2’ posts from people who aren’t aware they already exist). They add fun and flavor to the game, but it’d be nice to hear them coming as you do in vermintide. (ed: Or at least have voiceline callouts to acknowledge them when they get pulled, a la ‘Oi! We got a patrol bearing down on us!’)

Also, would love a heavier ogryn patrol. The ?2 bulwark ?4 crusher patrol is just a starter. Where’s my equivalent of 12+ Chaos Warriors!

Ed: The patrols I’ve noticed have included all scab shooters, all dreg shooters, dual/quad maniacs with melee, dual/quad rager with melee, and the ogryn-heavy mentioned above. They exist… but you wouldn’t notice that they are patrols if you didn’t have the chance to see them walking in formation from a distance because there are no sound cues or callouts.


Actually i am opposed to this. In vermintide it made sense for patrols to be loud. In darktide it does not. Its actually extremely unwise to be loud while on patrol when guns exist so the troops are behaving appropriately. I’m not saying realizm is more important than good gameplay, but i think it adds character in this case.

There are patrols of 7+ crushers (quite rare though).
They are kinda comparable considering that chaos warriors usually die faster.

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I’ve also seen big piles of maulers. Whichever dev is silently jamming these into the game has my thanks. Big boy armor rushes are fun as hel to melee.


Considering the lore accurate IQ of ogryn (as well as their armor and size), i would consider it realistic, if we could hear these crusher patrols stumbling around.

Doesn’t need to be as loud as the screaming patrols in V2, but a little bit of noise would be nice (not that it would be needed to notice them).
Just for atmosphere.

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I was going to make this comment actually.

For those who do not know:
Nork Deddog | Warhammer 40k Wiki | Fandom

“Nork was selected by the Schola Progenium to serve in the Astra Militarum
due to his ability to write his name (N is for Nork), count (to four),
and even speak fluently
and understand orders without hesitation or difficulty,
this being a rare milestone in Ogryn development as the majority of Ogryns
would find these tasks very difficult, if not impossible

I assume that our ogryn characters sometimes counting 4 of their fingers, and then getting confused on the 5th one (in the loading screen), is an hommage to this.


I’ve been confused at the lack of audio cues for patrols as well. Though the meatier ones were somewhat slipped into the game relatively recently so it makes sense that they’re not fully polished yet. The crusher and mauler ones can be really dangerous if someone’s unprepared and deserve some kind of cue, the pattern is that they wind up getting set off without fail because there isn’t enough warning for them and the idea that they’re completely avoidable doesn’t register since they seem like any other batch of enemies. I’ve seen a lot of reactions where players get upset and think the AI director was just mad that day.