Patrol routes are much too short - some unavoidable

Video of an unavoidable Chaos patrol in Halescourge.

I feel like the biggest problem with patrols is that their patrol route is often no more than 100m. This one in particular seemed to have no way to avoid.
In this video I ended up trying to hide in the broken building on the right near the end of the route but they saw me anyway. The fact that we had a constant stream of specials meant it would have been near impossible to get everyone in there anyway.

I’m guessing this one might have been avoidable on lower difficulties, since the patrol would have been small enough to fit entirely on the other side of the wall.

In Vermintide 1 the patrol routes were massive, if you avoided them you were set. Now you have clear their route entirely, since they will be back in 10s. If you get a horde, or maybe a Blight Stormer you are done.

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