Patrol line of sight increase

I have noticed that they dont see more than like 1m in front of em, its ridiculous, its like they are blind.

This makes the Patrols almost not part of the game because they are so easy to first hear and then hide from.

Increase the LOS massive would make the game more interesting, and if this will be to hard, then increase time you can hear em. (its pretty long as it is so i think this would be fine).

Also maybe add smaller patrols like 6 SW or 9 PM/Berzerker or some mix, and at more random spots, would be cool.

This is sort of a touchy topic, but I do know where you are coming from. It feels silly, sometimes, when a Storm-Vermin patrol wanders right by your team. In that sense, I agree with you.

I think it’s also reasonable because, sometimes, you can walk into a room with no audio queue whatsoever and come face-to-face with a patrol. This, depending on the run, will cause a party wipe unless they have to be pretty wickedly close to the person they surprise. Sometimes I way prefer their current aggro range.

I think it’d be awesome to put in mini-patrols for certain maps; that way you feel like you are infiltrating a stronghold rather than just walking into the Warlords house and never seeing a patrol.

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