Suicidal boots

Hi! I like this game very much. It is very pleasant that one can personalize himself and bots as he wants.
(Yeah, I am that kind of player, that prefer playing with bots.)
There are many problems with bots, such as get stuck, waste healing, heal Zealot, even if he has full temporary health and so on. I am reconciled to everything, I understand that they must be worse than human players. But! Why do they have to jump off a cliff whenever they see a Ratling Gunner, or a Warpfire Thrower, or when a Gutter Runner is jumping around?
I love my bots and my heart breaks whenever I see them killing themself for no reason. Please fix this!

With all respect
Zin Stonehead


Not a bug, Fatshark has said before that they want bots to be average to encourage playing with others, and not feel like you are getting a downgrade when another player joins. You should post in the suggestion forum, asking Fatshark to properly tune the bots to be average without being stupid.

I love my bots and my heart breaks whenever I see them killing themself

“We later found the OP with their heart quite literally shattered into tens of thousands of tiny pieces”

i think fatshark should improve the bots in the areas that they cause frustration with, like how the bots ignore enemies around them when fighting a boss or monster, how bots can aggro patrols and how bots chase specials. if fatshark fix these 3 things then they dont really need to do much more with the bots (except sanction bot mods as an option for players who want to play with bots). it would be nice if fatshark added an unstuck command for bots or reduced the teleport distance so that the bots are with you instead of letting themsalves be surrounded by enemies.

Bots not boots >< now I want a new challenge mode where you lose control of movement in suicidal fashion😢

That would be great! :smiley:

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That’s fantastic …

until …

Game loses support in the future and there’s only like 10 people playing around the world.

If that is really their response to why bots are horrible then I am truly saddened.


The other day I had one of my bots jump off a cliff before the first drop down on Into the Nest. That’s right, about 5 seconds into the level, before even reaching the area where enemies spawn. Bots are definitely dumber around cliffs since the Engi patch. Very surprised I haven’t seen more people talk about it.

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