When downed by an enemy, bots will run over to you, stand on your body, taking zero initiative to pick you up, sometimes as long as 10 seconds, instead preferring to wait for when enemies approach the bots in overwhelming numbers, then they decide wether to initiate a guaranteed failed revive attempt or they will flee, leaving you to die immediately.

I’ve been posting this for 3 years +. Can you please Fix the revive procedures.

There is no reason to leave this unaddressed as long as it has been.

The bots are supposed to be allies, not saboteurs.


if you go down before your bots than theres a bigger problem :stuck_out_tongue:


My Favorite is when Ironbreaker Bot uses his Ult then stands on your body and does nothing. The more I play chaos wastes the more I realize Bots we’re never intended to be used in that mode because they simply cannot function well in the wastes.


Can I get a response?

Why won’t you fix this?

Why do you ignore this?

Who is in charge of your bots?

Why can’t Xbox get a bot mod?

Why do I keep buying your new content when you refuse to address things that are issues for years?

Why did it take a year to fix the bots running off of cliffs when gun rats shot at them?

Why do bots stack up when fighting a monster, fire rat or gun rat?

Are you ever going to fix your bots?

I titled this as sabotage because it is obvious that you programmed them in a fashion that they are a hinderance to the party and you don’t care to fix the issues.

How many times do I have to slam my control on the ground and shut the game off because I watch 3 bots stand on top of me as they refuse pick me up, refuse to attack while 1 black rat or chaos warrior smashed me into the ground multiple times until I die?


I’ve bought every bit of your dlc besides the cosmetics, like a ton of other people, who all have the same opinion that FATSHARK DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS.

That shouldn’t be the sentiment among players.

How about you let us change priorities of the bots on Xbox, you know, like the pc players have been able to do for years.


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