Bot revive is broken, has been for the entirety of console existence

Hi, i believe it’s time you addressed your bot programming when it comes to rescue/reviving characters.
The iron breaker bot is completely broken. He is not the only one, just the worst of them. If he is the last character standing and there is even a single enemy present he will not pick you up. Even if your whole team is down. He will stand on top of you and wait till the enemy kills you while trying to hit him, he will not attack.
I have numerous video clips. If you are un aware of this problem you very obviously do not play this game on console. This needs to be fixed.


Basically what he does, is runs up to you, stands for 2 seconds, then switches weapons. Which often leads to him taking damage from the things approaching to try to finish you off. Then he proceeds to block, and waits and very “conveniently” decides to pick you up while elites are charging an overhead attack. This results in your death almost without fail. Solo mode is made nearly impossible due to this.

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Furthermore, if he is casually standing over you, no doubt gloating, and actually decides to pick you up, if someone else goes down or gets hooked he will run over to them to melee attack that thing and actually pick them up while you actually die.

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Agreed but i think the bigger problem in this game remains the rattling crashes still omnipresent on high weaves ( ex: 111 )
Even after the last patch on consoles.
I don’t think they really care about consoles anyway…

Perhaps this would have been better suited to go in bugs and glitches as it seems impossible to get a response from fatshark in this category.

The bots aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed; this is 100% the case. Every so often we all get to that situation where a bot is standing and we are down and we just have to hope and pray that nothing the bot deems “too dangerous” comes up to attack because then they’ll never revive us.

This is the correct category for this feedback, but I think if you pinpoint a specific behavioral instance and accompany it with a video clip you should post it as a bug!

So long as you are providing general feedback and not specific bug reports, it’s probably good to keep it in the feedback category. FatShark reads everything out of the feedback pool.

FS won’t fix the bots, or even allow mods that fix them, because they want the bots to suck to encourage team play.

Nevermind that the actual reason I solo so much is because of bad ping, no host migration, and hosts that ragequit :frowning:

Oy, Random, you got a picture :slight_smile: gratz, buddy!

Fixing the bots is a colossal issue and also a colossal task to take on… they simply don’t have the ability to see everything we see. Their queues and triggers are all numbers in code as opposed to the lights on a screen… so their defensive play is excellent and, with a human nearby, they won’t be nearly as threatened because you’ll start the offensive drive for them.

Programming them to understand when they can pick you up and when they need to dodge is really hard; I’d venture that the mods that “fix them” are barely an improvement over what we already have.

Not to say I don’t also want this improvement… but rather that I’m not sure it’s something that can be realistically taken on without a lot of time and effort.

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True enough, but if they’d release a dedicated server host the bots would’t be nearly so important.

I know they said it’s too expensive to host but I’d happily pay rent to host 4 or 5 rooms myself. It’s only 5-10 buck a month for virtual server rental. Used to do that for TFC back in the day, it’d be nice to get up to 1999 technology standards :stuck_out_tongue: