Bot revive fix

Please make it so that bots revive from outer edge of revive radius instead of dead centre I seriously can not afford to replace my tv and control as I watch a bot drag an elite or monster on top of me just for them to dodge at the last second so that the downed character, being me, takes full damage usually ending the mission. Also HUMANS NEED PRIORITY OVER BOTS FOR RESCUES AND SAVES. Thanks. Or let us customize bot priorities in game because this is not working.


Bots rezz and prioritize only the “worthy ones” :wink:


Ha, yes, so it would seem.

Not just seem. It IS like that. If you do a hard fail bots nearly never ever rezz you even they could an do in other situation. I like it - makes me laughing about myself most times.

At this point I’m more surprised they don’t teabag you to add insult to injury, instead they do that merry little back and forth dance as they change their minds every .2 nanoseconds.

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