Revive procedures for bots

If you’re going to do a 15gig update why couldn’t you fix the revive so that the bot that fully intends to pull me up from an edge, that stands there for a full 5 seconds, with zero enemies attacking it, actually pulls me up, instead of going AFK, then neglect to pull my up just to slap at the chaos spawn that is eating another bot and both proceed to die. It’s been over 3 years, fix the bot rescue and revive procedures. This would actually make the game more enjoyable by a long margin. No reason I should be yelling at my Tv watching the bot fail to do its job as a slowly bleed out or fall off a cliff.
And if they could not stand directly on top of players when they actually do attempt a revive just to drop and dodge so that the downed player takes full damage from the attack, that would be swell.


Seriously, fix the bots, fix chaos wastes. Blood tornadoes cause bots to stand in place and go AFK, gunners cause bots to go AFK, the spirit who follows you causes bots to go AFK, bots make minimal effort to escape exploding skulls and poison clouds from enemies, monsters cause bots (especially itonbreaker) to avoid revives which essentially ends your mission. Bots wait when they are standing over you at ledges and then run away while you fall and die. Yesterday Iwatched my kruber bot with a shield stand completely AFK while a gunner shot him in the back from full health till dead, zero blocking, turning or defensive motion of any kind with zero other enemies threatening him. Bot stacking while fighting a monster is absolutely stupid as 2 are going to die, there is no reason why 1 bot can solo a monster but 3 bots will die in the same area with no other enemies, and when there are enemies bots make zero effort to defend themselves. Also when they do decide to revive you while fighting a monster all of them will stack on top of you all but guaranteeing your death as the monster overheads you.
Please fix your bots, if you think they are good enough you aren’t playing cata on Xbox. The bots play like new champion players who do not yet know what to prioritize.

Also: dead characters are respawning backwards in the pit of reflection that starts in norsca and are unrecoverable as well as if they die in bodvar’s arena they respawn under the floor and are unrecoverable.
Kerillian has a habit of respawning half the map away on the fortress level sometimes right at the portal completely bypassing the end event.

Not everyone has internet strong enough to run your game with 4 people, and not everyone enjoys playing with other people, the bots need to operate more like a person would, analyze the danger, prioritize the player but not babysit.
I understand the game is meant to be hard, but the bots actively sabotage you. There is nothing fun about that.

Also make them stop standing in front of you, they actively interfere with shooting, constantly running and stopping dead centre while you are aiming at critical times.

Sorry not fortress, kerillian spawns large distances away in grimbolds stronghold.

As for the balance, the twin splitting in tzentch could be turned way up, if we compare blood tornadoes to twins tornadoes would be like running cata2 missions compared to twins being a pedestrian champion run.

An option to turn of the music would be life altering, I much prefer to know a chaos warrior or goat man is behind me than listen to the mood.
Twins mode became more stable when the music was removed in the weekly event. It was a beautiful change.
High difficulty requires you to hear more than to experience.

I’m seriously annoyed now. Got downed by a blight stormer, sienna still on her feet, kruber downed by one of the storms, kerillian up on a stick of a dead packmaster, one gas rat and one blight still alive, no other enemies. Sienna runs around avoids any sort of rescue, dodges the occasional storm runs away from gas, does this for the entirety of the bleed out until I get hit by outskirts of a gas globe at 1/4 health, after I die she teleports to the kruber bot and picks him up still unchallenged by enemies. Mission over.
ARE YOU EVEN INTERESTED IN MAKING BOTS WORK PROPERLY OR ARE YOU ACTIVELY MAKING THEM GARBAGE, it’s been 3 years, they have done this since day 1. Fix your bots, they are ruining your game.
How many posts in how many areas of your forums do I have to post the exact same report to get this addressed. Over and over,…thanks for the occasional acknowledged, but a response like, “yes, finally we’re going to do something about an issue that has been destroying the quality of our game” or “nah, I think we’ll pass and just release more content that has the same broken mechanics”

Does anyone bother to read this stuff? because it appears as if only fans of the game care enough to look.

What the point of giving the kruber bot a shield if every time there’s a gunner or a special for that matter, even if you can’t see it he runs around with his gun out getting hit constantly?
Why do the bots run directly at a special with their guns out just to only to switch to their melee weapon to kill it?
Does anyone even play test this?

Bots run so far away chasing specials that they are smaller on screen than a bomb that is outside of mercenaries shout knock back range.
In the middle of a fight they completely flee and leave you cornered teleporting back after you die.
Fix the bots, seriously would take 1 update and they would be functional. Instead of chaos’s wastes ending every time you hit the ground.

Also would be nice if they could buy the weapon upgrades if ordered to.
Seems pretty dumb that they lose all their weapon properties and talents and the only abilities they can get back are movement speed, block cost and the like. And at half weapon power by the time you reach citadel2, where my weapon power is 700 compared to their 350. They die often enough on the simple waves of beast men with no elites.

BH bot perpetually has his gun out as if trying to do an F skill when a gunner spawns. WS bot is permanently using a bow and gets deleted by hordes. Bots vs monster that would die from 1 swing instead perma block and get grabbed/hit to death through block. Bots stand in gas, stand in skulls, stand inside tornadoes, etc. At least they’re seemingly immune to bolts though.

List goes on.

Fairly ridiculous.

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Do you guys plan to just dump everything you’re annoyed by in a single thread? Do you think its helpful or are you just venting?

You can change the music volume in the options from 0-100%.

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If you haven’t already installed it try the bot improvement mod. It’s sanctioned so can be used on the official realm. It fixes some of the problems with bots. They are still not perfect but they are good enough to get a competent solo player through cata on the standard adventure mode - I haven’t tried them in the wastes.

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Well OP did mention about playing Cata on Xbox,
which means the Steam Workshop isn’t a solution for him — he can’t use the Fatshark-approved Bot Improvement mod from Steam on his game on console.

And “get a friend” doesn’t work either ( I can already imagine someone replying with it ) ,
since you actually need to pay extra to Sony/Microsoft to even be able to access multiplayer features on console.
Definitely a lot harder to find team mates compared to being on Steam.

So yea, I can definitely see him experiencing the worst of what AI heroes can do, and how his complaints are not entirely uncalled for.
Worst part is the solution given to him above isn’t even possible for him… ( Can say it’s really helpful after using it for months, sad that console players can’t get a taste of it )


That’s awesome mike! Sadly I’m on Xbox, so we only get the scraps and when fatshark decides to fix something it comes in months if not longer, after the patches PC gets.
I’d love to be able to try it tho, hope that helps the others. :+1:t2:

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Thanks Matt! Glad you get it. Trying to clear my offline profile. So there is no help even possible. Spend months in the boonies with a solid 2.5 mps of data so the game is unplayable online.
I know there are other bugs, they’ll get worked out eventually, all I really care about is the bots going afk while I lie dying on the ground or when they lure a monster/elite overtop of my body just to dodge so I take all the damage.
If they’re going to act dumb I just wish it wasn’t when I needed picking up.

Couldn’t agree more swpz, there are a few classes that are unusable as bots right now. Be nice if itonbreaker would attack more too, I’ve watched him while a troll is downed, stand there blocking the entire time until the troll stands up again. It’s almost as bad as the other classes glitching out like WS and BH, but at least he’s blocking I guess. :confused:

Orson, I’ve been trying to get them to fix the revive procedures for 3 years, I’ve posted in almost every v2 category here, I’ve posted tons of videos to their twitter of the malfunctions. Not sure what you would have someone do. Here’s the problem…are you going to fix it…I’m just trying to bring it to their attention. Same thing I’d do with a mechanic, I’d tell them all the issues that are coming out of a problem so that they know what to look for.

They don’t seem to care however. So here I sit, complaining on the internet instead of playing a game I really enjoy otherwise. Like I’ve got 3 hours short of 198 days played, and 2.26 million kills.
Got all the dlc, it’s by far my favourite game. Just makes me mad that they refuse to fix an issue I made the aware of years ago. So, half venting half pointing out the issue.

That’s kind of my point. The fallacy is to think that you or I can make someone do something.
It helps however to keep bug report threads neutral and to the point - for further reference if for nothing else.

Well, OP posted this under
Vermintide 2 - Feedback
instead of Vermintide 2 - Bugs,
so I think it’s fine for him to express his experiences alongside as well?
Or maybe you misread? haha

It’s quite normal for someone to show frustration on problems like these, so you don’t really need to try to shut him down. He isn’t actively insulting anyone.

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They have fixed other issues I’ve brought up, which has been appreciated. I don’t understand why they do not seem to be interested in addressing this one.

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