Offline bot programming on XBOX

Offline bot performance has not been addressed on the XBOX, it is as broken as it was 8 months ago. Gun rats and fire rats still cause bots to group up then run away when not the target of attack. Player will go down and bots will continue to run away, firing zero shots and usually running off cliffs.
They will still run away from a player who is leech’d to assist another bot that is not being attacked by a disabler. These are 3 year old problems. Offline has not improved in over a year.

For anyone who wants to jabber on about how p.c. version is this or that, or argue about off topic things please shove off and STFU. This is an ongoing, un addressed Xbox offline issue that I would love actually get a tech to fix. I have been complaining about offline bots for 2 years. With only minor improvements. I am literally taking 5 game clips an hour of issues in bot performance differences between online and offline. OFFLINE IS AS OF NOW UNPLAYABLE ON CATACLYSM, since if you get leech’d, jumped or hooked your mission is essentially over, or if you do not shoot the gunner, fire rat or blightstormer, the bots will not shoot it if you tag it when you are out of ammo. They will not shoot an assassin, hook rat or leech who is disabling someone unless they run right up to it.


Yeah all of these are valid issu-


Online mode bots are also broken. It’s not an Offline only issue. I’ve had myself and my friend go down, and the bots run off to fight a single Stormvermin instead of trying to get us up. Then the bots get pounced and we wipe.

Bots in online mode get almost too agro against gunners. You’ll have your group clear an area, start to move on, and have a bot run off by itself to fight a gun rat that’s far back behind. We’ll end up with a pounced bot and a 3 player group left unless we drop everything and retrace our steps way back behind.

Bots in general just can’t hack it on Xbox at Legend and above.


I aim to point out that the fixes that are being applied to online since grail knights install, do not appear to have been applied to offline. Online is far more playable on cata, offline is essentially a sudden death deed where the bots are programmed to be cowards towards all specials except gas rats. But you do have some solid points in online needing mods to make the bots more team friendly for survival purposes. It’s like the bots think like the skaven/chaos, where as long as they kill the specific enemy at the time it’s a win, there is no big picture, stay together and we win mentality until it comes to fire rats and gunners, then it’s group up and run away or off a cliff.

So ugh, yeah fatshark, you think you could maybe fix this offline bot problem, or maybe on and offline. So I can stop making the same posts for the next 3 years.