You break the games functions after you fix them.
Every time you change something you break many things and then abandon patching.
Kruber gets stuck in charge pose with the spear as a bot, this is a regular occurrence.
Waystalker gets stuck in her true shot animation every time you kill a special before she does, as does bounty hunter.
Bots get stuck on rocks, they prioritize saving a bot from a hook rat who is in the distance instead of a human who is on the ground while a bot is leech’d directly beside them.
Chaos wastes missions still crash after completing missions.
The backwards respawning and overshoot respawning around chaos waste events worked BEFORE you changed shade and sister. Now it is complete chaos since you can only get to the respawns with a teleport or leap.
Bots still chase gas rats, they still run directly at fire rats, they still herd up and run right left right left when a gun rat is shooting anywhere, they STILL HAVE NEVER DODGED A SINGLE LEECH UNLESS THEY WERE DODGING ANOTHER ATTACK.
You have still not trained them how to fight a Minotaur. Every fight against one should not ALWAYS end with 3 dead bots and a solo fight against the monster and horde.
Why do the bots allow the Minotaur to land the first strike in almost every fight? Why do they not protect their back in any monster fight? 1 slave rat can down all 3 bots if they only have one hit point left as they will never block it.



Nobody cares that you made darktide, because it is clear you don’t care about having a properly functioning game.

Cloak of pain was the thing you changed and you still didn’t make it work properly with dual wield weapons. Even after people posting almost immediately you fix nothing.

Where is the support?

There are all sorts of difficulty spikes that should maybe be addressed in the name of balance. But the fact that there are at a maximum 6 bot classes that are even useable in cata and the history of the “speed” of fixes tells us that you, or likely your lead developer, have zero interest in fixing things in the game that have been for nearly a year and some as long as 4 years noted problems.

If you’re going to abandon the game make sure it works. I and many others put money into the game so that you could afford to make fixes, that’s why we are willing to buy new content.

I still remember the bomb rat weaves and how long that took, I remember the gun rats and fire rats CC’s using bots to run off cliffs every time that took a whole year before you fixed it.
It’s been 4 years and you have never modified the bots standing directly on top of you for resurrection while chaos warriors or black rats or monsters overhead the downed character.

It’s time you fixed the bot problems.


This is completely pathetic.
This is unacceptable.
This is trash programming.

“Follow me” should mean FOLLOW ME to the bots. Not walk left right left right till you die.

Those are not bot-commands, they are quick-chats (or what one would call it?) to talk with teammates :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps you do not understand what should means.

Pardon me here but according to standard English you strongly gave off the impression that you believed that the chat - shortcut has or used to have a manner of functionality beyond just being a quick chat.

This on itself could be taken as a request for that functionality, but not when followed up by :

This followup basically reads as “I believe what i just did should have the bots follow me but they do not”.

This is English, and it can get very confusing to people based on context.

Fatshark “should” change the bot programming where the battle orders “follow me“ shall force bots to follow the battle order giver, similar to when fatshark created the battle orders to pick up the book/potion.


The bots are broken.
How hard is it to program bots to follow you when you drop from a ledge?
Why are you unwilling to fix the bot problems?
It is a waste of time trying to play the chaos wastes without a full team because of all the bot problems due to pathing, and if you have a large load in of specials/monster/horde KRUBER SPECIFICALLY will completely freeze up, no attacks, no moving, nor defence, just stops for a full minute sometimes.


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