The April Xbox update

There better be a huge bot patch coming with this update.
The bots are absolutely in a pathetic state.
Warrior priest is functionally brain dead. if you are downed he wI’ll stand on you and wait for another bot to revive you.
If you back away from a monster he will stare you in the face and take shot after shot in the back without defending.
Kruber and ironbreaker have ranged weapons drawn constantly and take a ton of damage from it since they cannot block.

Bots are absolutely incompetent when there is a monster, oblivious to every single other enemy except gasrats, if you do not actively kill every enemy that attacks their back they will ALL DIE EVERY MONSTER FIGHT as they will neither block nor attack enemies that approach their backs, this includes hook rats.if it is a gas rat they will abandon everything, monster fight, downed ally, everything, to chase it half way across the map.
If you and a bot get hooked the bots will almost exclusively choose to rescue the bot, even tho the humans dying ends the mission.
The bots are utterly incapable of fighting a minotaur. Most fights 2 bots are downed in less than 4 seconds. All three are dead in under a minute, that is without a horde.

The Minotaur 360 spin move mid combo also does not help things.
Bots need to be taught how to fight and survive ALL forms of encounters with beastmen, they are oblivious to the banner, and pay no mind to the reduced cleave and stagger for the massive beastmen hordes.
Weapon choice only slightly slows the inevitable death of every bot aside from constant blocking and useless ironbreaker and Somewhat functional unchained.

In the wastes the bots stand in the blood tornadoes, STAND in every single one that touches them.
They cannot see the gas from the hexed enemies or the skulls, or the skulking sorcerer.
The other day I had an ironbreaker bot stand beside my teammate who got pounced, he stood there blocking from full health till he died, ZERO ATTACKS, he did absolutely nothing except look directly at the assassin stabbing his ally to death while he blocked.

We bought all these 10 dollar new classes, It seems that it would be expected that you could fix these trash bots, give them some situational awareness, like “ok, you 2 are fighting the monster, I’ll watch your backs” or “oh snap, the last human is hooked, if they die the mission ends” and “gas kills us fast, I better get out of it”

Your XBOX crowd is seriously sick of the performance of these bots on cata, they may function well on the other difficulties, but their deficiencies are an absolute tire fire on CATA. On PC they can mod their way out of this, on XBOX we get whatever trash your play testers think is good enough for legend.

If your play testers are not attempting solo chaos wastes (with bots) you need to get them doing that as all these deficiencies will be obvious. If they can not get to the citadel it may have to do with the fact that the only bot that can kind of keep up with kills is sister of thorns while the others are getting tripled no matter who, or you need better play testers.

But seriously, for the bots, some situational awareness, that’s all they need. No big buffs, no super powers. Just make it do they’re not stupid.

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And let them buy boons and upgrades in the wastes so they’re not dead weight.

And seriously, the crashes.
Go through all the trouble of killing a grudgemark, kill a horde, buy a boon, oh sweet chain lightning, game crashes 10 seconds later, not an enemy on screen, not one swing of a weapon.
Why is this still a thing?

And on the topic of dumb things the bots do, forced friendly fire.
If you are running forward and pull the L trigger to power your arrow/gun s WS hen you stop the third bot will run directly through you so that it is damaged and if using a splash weapon you are also rewarded with damage. If you are actively turning and moving and you line up an enemy on the distance the bot will cross through your path exactly when you would want to pull the trigger, then it will criss back over, so you have 2 chances to damage it or the both of you.
If a bot has a wound and there are no enemies, when you attempt to heal that bot it will attempt to hide behind another bot making it take an age to actually heal the one you intended to, or you accidentally heal the wrong one.
The only way to seemingly avoid the forced friendly fire (which in the case of bounty hunter is extremely damaging) is to jump just before you shoot. Which makes it hard to make long shots and headshots, but did some reason when you do this the bots actively stray away from cantering themselves in your crosshairs.

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