Xbox Engineer Update

So the update just dropped on Xbox and boy are so many things scuffed.

I went from being able to full book run on legend with bots to not being able to complete a mission in 4 hours.

Stuck trying to give me items.
Bots will hold a bomb/potion and follow me around, refusing to switch to weapons

Pick up all ammunition in level even when I’m out

Stand in bile troll vomit even when it is regenerating hp

Get stuck switching weapons in the middle of a horde if a special spawns

Mastercrafted Pistol
Hits don’t register within 1-2m of targets

Hunger in the dark: Map boundary ledge before last drop down seems inaccurate. Within a few meters of the curve, you are teleported to edge

I’m sure there are more, but bots seem entirely broken from this patch. Its not like they were great before, but I could at least work around them.

Considering the low population of console, functional bots are really important.

I’m not sure why they are suddenly so aggressive and prone to getting stuck with passing items, standing in fire, and switching weapons after this patch

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We have a patch going out, today hopefully, with some fixes for bots on PC. If that patch goes well and is stable, effective and overall a boon to bot behaviours when played in the wild, we will prepare to get that out the door on Xbox sooner rather than later.

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I ask this with MOST respect. As a Warhammer Enthusiast who has supported FS through buying all content/cosmetics released on console.

FS knew about these issues for PC release months ago.

Given the additional challenges with population and hardware power…

How could Fatshark release this to console in good faith? There are bots in nearly every game in console ( even on quickplay )

It is really disappointing that your studio decided to say “ah well, we know this might effect console worse than PC and know the issues, but we’ll release anyways”

It is DISAPPOINTING that ya’ll just didn’t wait until you had it fixed before dropping this patch.

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