Patch on Xbox ? Yes PLEASE

Hello Fatshark,

First of all, let me say thank you guys for Vermintide 1 & 2. I was lucky enough to get the first one for free on Xbox a year ago, loved it, and love even more the 2nd one. No game whatsoever has given me such a rush than yours. So again, Thank you!

Now, that being said, you left us with an almost broken game for the holidays, and no news about fixing things, no patch announcement. Don’t get me wrong, it was the holidays, you guys deserve a break from work, like everybody else but it has been 10 days now since we all got back to work and still nothing.

On the top of my head:

  • This is the main issue here: Some hits just pass through targets. It happens with melee weapons AND ranged weapons as well. I can’t reckon how many times a handgun bullet has passed through my target and when you have only 11 bullets, it becomes incapacitating very quickly.

  • Victor’s volley crossbow is completely bugged, almost unplayable.

  • Some maps make the audio crash. DISTORSION EVERYWHERE. I can almost hear the audio bits crashing.

  • We get some invincible mobs from time to time, you have to either bomb it or drag it to the next zone where it finally becomes available for the nice killing it deserves

  • There’s an issue with Sienna’s crowbill, two actually. The push attack takes an enormous amount of time to swith back to parry stance. we have to manually “refresh” the parry stance.
    Also it can happen that we don’t see Sienna exploding while carrying the crowbill. She doesn’t raise her arms and starts moving erratically like she normally does.

  • Bots get stuck at the entrance of the final event of Screaming Bells and on the first tome on Festering ground (has been the case since day one on Xbox)

I would like to add that I understand completely the PC players being your number one target audience but come on, give us some console love! WE WANT OUR WINTER EVENT FFS

Thank you for reading me and for these amazing adrenaline rushes I get from your game!

PS: I apologize for my english, not my mother tong.

PS-2: Again, I love the game, but it’s true, you guys are being lazy on the cosmetics gig

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Would you mind elaborating on the issues with the Volley Crossbow please? :slight_smile:

Sorry, one more - which maps do you experience audio distortion in?

When I switch from melee weapons to the crossbow, its initial position is centered (as if it was a secondary shot) and not on the right like in any fps.
I have to activate just once le secondary shot to get it to the right position.
It is quite unsettling.
Also, if I remembre correctly, it sometimes go into the “no ammo” position, even if I have some.
I can make a video if it helps !

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The new maps from the Back to Ubersreik DLC. Not sure about HoM but GoM and EoW for sure.
I have Heard à friend complain about the sound in Fort Brachenthingy but really not sure about this one.

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There’s also an issue on Skittergate, in the area between the chaos Warrior/spawn boss and the final one.
The stormer’s Storms and poison rats’ poison can’t be seen on the ground. We can only see the “air effect”.

I’m not OP, but I play on the Xbox one and the areas I experience audio distortion on every time I play them are: the entirety of Garden of Mor from the first horde to the first grimoire location, and the entirety of the “burn the food” event on the pit, from the first horde to the dropdown after the event. I also notice audio distortion fairly commonly on Engines of War (can’t tell you specific spots, sorry, it comes and goes), and on Blightreaper in the area around the first tome, the area shortly after, still in the darkness, where you can go right or left and they both meet up, and there is a chest in the back of the left side, and in the area on and around the stairs immediately after exiting the darkness.


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