Bardin update bot issues

The recent Xbox 4th bardin class update has crippled the bots functions. Constant pathing issues, complete afk issues. Battle orders are malfunctioning where they do not order or cause bots to get stuck or circle endlessly.
Bots getting stuck on objects in open areas. Bots freezing when players go down in presence of specials. Please fix the game. Please play test before you release an update. You actually made in remedied almost 3 year old malfunctions worse.


Un not in*

Also a pathing issue of enemies in war camp after breaking barrier enemies run and climb up wall by the 2nd chest, even if you are hitting them they run right by and climb a wall instead of turning and pursuing.
The bots also still get stuck on the bartering ram.


When issues known for months make it into the console version of the same game :sunglasses:


Lol. You know… I’ve been reading about them but thought " well they know the issues and have months to fix them so I’m sure it will be fine" turns into… " they knew the issues and just didn’t change anything when they dropped it"

Its ridiculous. Lol. Like absolutely insane.

Console already has a smaller player base and its harder to kill specials with controller anyways.

Their solution "we’ll just drop this broken update on console 3 months later with the same balance as PC, but we’ll keep the increased hp too "

Different teams unfortunately.

The people who are making fixes for PC are not the same people working on the console versions.

Since they are all working from home, the communication is far worse between them. When WoM dropped on console, they included the same fixes as PC but there was also no pandemic going around.

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Communication could easily be “we are sorry xbox players, but there are alot of issues with the outcast engineer update and we are working hard to make sure it is polished before release. In the mean time, we are running a weekly event to tide you over as we attempt to deliver the best possible product”

They literally just needed to make the decision to DELAY until it was fixed. I don’t understand how an executive decision like that goes through. Just my 2cents

You would need to contact the Marketing department for that kind of information.

Blame the modern day business strategies, not Fatshark.

You are high. I’m sorry. There is no one to “blame” but them for releasing broken stuff.

I’ve been playing FS games since Lead and Gold in 2010.

This is par for the course. They have a great creative vision but aren’t great at QA or execution of their ideas.

They should have never cross platform released if they couldn’t pull it off. Period.

Who can pull off successful console releases?

Not Bethesda
Not Zenimax
Not whoever made Call of Duty

All of them have had problems releasing console versions of a PC made game. Not the same hardware. Not the same software.

It’s completely different. You can’t just make a PC game then port it as is to console. It doesn’t work that way.

I don’t know. Dragon Age and Mass Effect ( aside from the last mass effect , yikes ) were pretty successful ports.

Outer Worlds? Yeesh!. Fallout is just as good on console as it is on PC.

There are PLENTY of examples of FUNCTIONAL games on console that are also on PC that aren’t crippled with bugs.

Its not like bug ridden games are unheard of. Its just EXCEPTIONALLY rare that 2.5 years later and after numerous updated that they still are.

So yeah. It is on Fatshark to release a functional game that doesn’t break everytime there is an update no matter what platform it is.

Dark Souls! Just as great on console as it on PC. Dark Souls… a very difficult melee fighting game… works on console with a controller as well as it does on PC

Bethesda: am I a joke to you? :laughing:

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Lmao. Bethesda is pretty jenky, but they usually work their stuff out.

I played Skyrim on PC, but my ex played it on console.

I didn’t like it so much without the mods, but it was a stable game.

Lmao. Sorry man. I just can’t defend FS. You don’t launch broken things on one platform and then months later release the same product somewhere else.

Have to admit that its super ballsy lmao

They only did once though…

Winds of Magic when released on console came with all of the fixes that PC had gotten.

You know they are still working from home because of the pandemic, right?

When? My Fallout 4 game still has the same buggy broken quests that it launched with…

But here is the thing. Console has different attributes than their PC game…

For example… in the ranked weaves, barely 100 people have ever gotten above 60 and I haven’t seen anyone hit 160 yet. Only a team of 4 have gotten beyond 120.

The PC “fixes” ported to console don’t fix as much as they do on PC.

They basically copy their game into console and hope for the best while increasing the enemy damage/hp statlines.

It doesn’t work.

And I don’t care if its a pandemic. Don’t release if its not ready to be released. I don’t think many would shed 1 single tear if we didn’t get the OE update until it was fully functional

Yeah… but it is playable.

Halescourge on console still drops to like 15-20 fps for the map between the first bridge and last drop down.

The console version of VT2 is so scuffed. I think if you took it for a whirl, you’d understand better.

I still love WH and the game, but its an exceptionally frustrating experience for what is left of the console community that runs legend/cata ( mostly with bots ) because you’ll very rarely be able to QP into a full group

That has nothing to do with game balance. You got the exact same fixes to Weaves as PC did. There are numerous V1 veterans who play Weaves religiously with premade groups and use Discord for coordination. That’s how they complete all of the Weaves. The PC vermintide community has always been larger and more active than the console community.

They are the equivalent. Fatshark has separate teams for console and PC and they do implement and change accordingly to suit consoles better.

I own both V1 and V2 on consoles. I do play it on console. Not all of my friends play PC.

It’s always been a small community though. This is why you make friends and play with them. V1 was definitely harder to find groups on console but when I did get a random person in my game, I would add them as a friend.

This is just sad. Of course we want content that’s ready when released but the main problem really lies in the fact that we all do not share the same hardware as the Fatshark developers. So, it may appear ready for them but when they release it and someone has an older graphics card or a weak CPU, well of course there are going to be problems.

Fatshark does test their games but it doesn’t mean they can see all the problems. Sometimes it’s better to release something so certain players can stress test the game to find holes for Fatshark to fix.

When proofreading a paper, you might not be able to see all of the grammar or spelling errors but allowing someone else to proofread it will show you what mistakes you still haven’t seen or fixed.

Lol you are saying they have different Xbox hardware?!

You play VT2 on console?! Legend/Cata?!
You think its ok?!

You have to be like a paid actor man. The OE update for console is basically indefensible.

I’m unsure how bad a game has to be for you to call it to the carpet, but you’re a Saint if you think VT2 on console is “just fine” after 2.5 years, buying all the dlcs/cosmetics lol

Yeah. You don’t publish a paper until its been peer reviewed.

You literally can’t sell it until its sound. Thanks for agreeing