Broken bots pathing

Bot pathing is broken causing bots to get stuck at any ledge or at any place you jump onto or over something. Bot revives priorities kill humans by luring enemies to the hit box of downed humans, bots priorities cause bots to drop human to revive a bot or outright ignore human. Bots run off cliffs constantly almost every time a rattling or fire rat opens fire even if it is dead or has not targeted one of them. Bots ignore all opponents beside monster while one is present only functioning if a troop gets in the way of the a-b pathing of it and said monster. And more. @bleednshiver on Twitter, all the evidence is there. Pathing problems started with winds of magic, suicidal bots with cliffs has been since launch date along with poor priorities with revives. Please patch bots on Xbox. If this was the games performance at launch I would have declared it broken and demanded my money back as it is nearly unplayable offline. Also side note there are challenges that are impossible offline for garden of moore and engines of war due to requiring simultaneous actions. Change the requirements so they can be completed solo like all other challenges.


Ordering bots to pick up anything constantly soft locks them in place. Bots frequently run into line of sight while lining up range attacks or trying to give battle orders or order to pickup, quite frequently leading to killing the bot or ordering them to drop a grimiore. This is more than annoying.


Fresh vids every day of bot failings at that twitter. Like 6-10 a day. Not a good look. Is anyone looking into patching the bots?

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Is anyone working on a bot patch? What aspect of their protocols are being patched? There are at least 5 main issues.

I don’t have any answers for you and I too feel some of the frustration you experience.

If you consider that bots couldn’t be commanded to pich stuff up way back I’d say that the nuisance the social wheel cause on occasion is a minor issue. Also, the reason why the bots stand in place is because they’re philosophising about life as a bit while trying to path to the object you ordered then to pick up. As soon as they realize they can’t path to it they pich it up telepathically instead. Also not really an issue since the other option would be that they can’t pick up consumables or books they can’t path too.

Several issues with bit ai has been raised previously, but I wouldn’t count on it being a priority.

Bot pathing worked very well before winds of magic aside from a few books. They broke it and need to fix it.
Easy to fix ordering issue, make it instant and telepathic so they don’t ever have to go anywhere they can’t reach. Bots getting stuck when you jump over something is easy, have bots teleport to the platform a human is on, if there are 2 humans have a dedicated bot per human as to stay in pairs and not be abandoned, if 3 humans have the bot on the same platform as the single human or if on 3 different platforms have the bot stay on the farthest back platform in relation to mission progress. Fixing the order wheel for dropping grim is simple too make it so you hold RB RT LT LB. bot rescue priority and practice is simple enough, increase priority of revive, blocking and specials that have a stun feature for closest bot to human while encouraging them to stand at the maximum radius of the revive area instead of center. If bots want to go hunting a special enemy limit it to 2 so that a human never gets abandoned.
Bots should never stand with their range weapon out unless they are actively reloading or are actually going to shoot within a second. Attacking monsters cannot be top priority. Crowd control and revives should be higher, when crowd is controlled bots should attempt to surround the monster/fire rat or rattling gunner. These fixes would make the game function properly and as a human would. There is no reason why you should fail a mission where 3 bots cannot handle a single monster or fire/rattling because of stacking their positioning. Divide and conquer. And give iron breaker some ambition to hit something and rescue others, he is trash and has been for almost 3 years.


Is there anyone from fatshark looking at this? Bots are a big problem. Not everyone has strong enough internet to run with a 3-4 person team as game quality and lag vastly increases with each additional team mate. Some people do not have access to internet for months at a time. Game is not playable beyond champion with current bot issues. They worked properly before winds of magic. Please restore that quality of pathing at minimum.


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