Bot got stuck on Engines of War/Bot priority bugged?

He was standing there and “vibrating”. Teleported back safely.

When I play with bots fairly most of the time something happens to him. He often gets stuck on ladders, terrain or rarely vanishes completely and teleports back at the end of the map. Sometimes doesn’t even teleport.
My bot priority list is: Kruber --> Kerillian --> Bardin --> Saltz --> Sienna in that order. So when I play someone else than him, he’s always 1st prio.
Also for most of the time he craves for ff --> standing very often in my line of sight and gets shot.

So, bots have their predestined position around the player. Do bots have different paths programmed based on their priority position? Could there be any connection between bot preference and those bugs concerning no.1?

I wanted to point that out, because it seems very suspicious to me, that for most of the time this certain bot buggs out. Also there’s is no difference in behaviour when playing duo.
I’m also taking notes on that matter since early August to make sure my mind doesn’t play any tricks on me :)!


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