Bot AI pathing

Bugs are too numerous to list everything.
Bots can’t path across the river on Halescourge without falling in if you take the left jump.
Bots will always walk off the edge of the house to the right of the cannon on Fort Brandydrop
Bots will get stuck on Empire of flames trees in the courtyard of the end event.
Bots will get stuck on the drop into the swamp jump before the first candle of the second grim on war camp.
Bots will suicide trying to get the second grim of festering ground. They can’t make the jump down. And they won’t pick it up.
Bots will get stuck on Rat Bell at the crate jump leading to the first grim.
Bots get stuck pathing to the second grim on rat bell.
Bots will hide from gun rats, but willing walk into flame rats mid attack.
Bots will ignore how dangerous poison gas is, they will walk into it to get a kill, and then walk back. Or just stand there. Or attempt to revive while taking poison damage.
Bots will continue to dodge towards ledges seconds after a gun rat perished. Resulting in them jumping off the ledge.
Bots will sometimes walk off ledges without any threats around.

These are all the ones off the top of my head, but it’s very frustrating that the player count of this game isn’t always able to support 4 human players and the bots are so inconsistently incompetent.


Ayy another bot post, i’m glad they gonna ign…- fix them very soon !

Bots from V2 and V1 are getting more and more alike to the point that one day they will be forced to fix eventualy. :upside_down_face:

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