Bots get stuck at the drop at The War Camp

So I got downed at the drop to where the 2nd grim is, the bots cleaned up the horde so I thought: “Great, run isn’t over.” Then I see this, they’re unable to make a simple jump onto the rock I’m on, like every other player.

The worst offender here is Salt, I gave him “revive with ult” talent and as you can see, his ult is ready, I’m down and he doesn’t use it to revive me at all. I don’t care if he’s stuck or is struggling with the path finding, his top priority should be to revive a player with his ult when it’s ready AND when the player is in range.

Seriously, who is programing the bot logic and path finding? We’ve had to put up with this nonsense for years now.

In short: Please fix the bot path finding on all maps so that they can go anywhere the player can so that we won’t see repeat offenses like this in the future, and please make player revival a top priority for the bots. Stuck or no, Salt should of revived me with his ult here.

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I’ve noticed that when a special is around, it’s not just the drop on War Camp. I just had my Kerillian bot wait at the drop of Screaming Bell, first I thought the bot was waiting to catch an assassin that i could hear was scurrying at the other side of the wall. But the bot remained on top of the drop even after said assassin was killed. Just before I finished the event, the bot got hooked by a packmaster, without any attempt of defense.
A few days ago I had the same thing happening on Righteous Stand at my second attempt. First attempt got ruined by the bots abandoning me, jumping down a drop to actively engage a horde, instead of holding the position next to me.

I don’t know what’s going on, but to me the bots don’t feel ‘improved’ rather the other way around. I kinda was used to the fact, that on legend you are kinda on bot babysitter duty. Now it seems to be the case even for champion.

That and the fact that the performance is still abyssmaly bad, even though I really tried everything, made me just yet decide to stop playing for awhile. Kinda hurts since I love the game so much and I turned almost all my friends on to the game.

I hope there will finally be some improvements in the near future and I can come back to it.

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Game has been out for almost 4 years now. It’s obvious they’re never going to fix stuff like this. Fatshark doesn’t give a f*ck about the solo player experience. Bots are in one of the worst states they’ve ever been right now and FS hasn’t even so much as acknowledged it, much less said anything about intending to fix them.

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I believe bots aren’t able to recognize the nuances of when to properly use their ult. They only detect “threat” (basically: amount and type of enemies around them) and use their ult only when the required threat amount reaches a certain threshold. The author of the Bot Improvements - Combat mod, discusses bot threat detection here.

Basically it’s just: ‘if threat around bot >= threshold, then use bot ult’. If an ally is downed but the threat hasn’t reached the threshold then bots won’t use their ult. Talents that revive allies on ult are useless on bots. Fatshark should make bots prioritize reviving and using their ult to revive teammates.

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