As if the new patch I am experiencing the following

1: Lack of ability to block - Animation is there but the mechanic behind deosnt work. Attacks go right through.

2: Quick switch delay from ranged to melee - takes between 2-4 seconds to switch.

3: Facespawning assasins… again. Yes they are back and it’s great.

4: Silent Assassins… again.

5: Ghost swimgs with Cog hammer.

6: Specials spawning to frequently - not a minute goes by without specials coming.

7: Regular units disappearing in plain sight then reapearing and then disappearing and then…

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Console i presume? :sweat_smile:

On Pc

Adding issues.

The gromril plates shots penetrate units without causing dmg on several occasions.

Engineer gets stuck several places on flat ground.

After loosing all stamina I cannot move.

srlsy FS. wtf have you done

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