A bit of collection

  • Gunners still completely silent 95% of the time

  • Assassin fix was promised a while ago, guess you forgot about it…

  • Aimpunch from dodging the hookrat (srsly wtf) (also, you can probably get downed if you have 1hp, need to test without some trigger happy fellows)

  • Glaive/dualaxes bugged since BBB, Crit headshots on armor deal less damage than non crits (H2 on glaive). Reported several times, completely ignored…

How about fixing bugs like these, or fixing the rest of the annoying stuff first, THAN releasing an expansion/DLC. (which will most likely flood the game again with even more bugs)

Now some visuals/wallhack…

  • Stormer casting through that wall at my crosshair. Righteous stand, the lifting platform is on my right.

  • Gunners shooting through the water wheels after pulling the lever and making the way forward. (into the nest) No screen, was occupied.

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