Executioner Sword Still Bugged

Executioner sword heavy attacks are still doing 10-15% damage less than before the “big balance beta” patch #3. This hasn’t been addressed nor has there been any communication on the matter other than an “acknowledged” tag on a month old topic that mentioned it

This is my third topic on the matter. Third times a charm right?

If the developer(s) actually see this I would like to say thanks for the new content. I’m really enjoying it.


Keep fighting the good fight!


In 1.4 patch notes it’s stated that the sound was bugged and has been fixed, this is also not the case.
Really wish some communication on Fatsharks part would clear things up.

Side note: The new maps are awesome! New weapons (even though some aren’t the best in slot) are great thus far. And I kinda like how we have to clear content and kill bosses to get the weapons and their skins

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Hi. It was me that fixed the headshot sound, but it looks like I missed the light attacks. I’ll fix it, and it should be able to added in a patch soon.
I’ll make sure someone checks out the damage as well.


Thank you for your reply!
I tested the exec sword on dummies, and I wasn’t getting the headshot sound on heavies either if I’m not mistaken.

Again, thank you for your time and hopefully this will clear things up a little.
Absolutely loving the game <3


The executioner headshot sound was missing on dummies even with the heavy attack. That will also be fixed :slight_smile:
And I’m waiting to hear back about the damage.


Can I just mention, real quick, about how awesome this interaction was? The content of the bug aside, this was an awesome way to report it in a polite manner. No less, the Dev hopped in and responded concisely!

I apologize for just adding to the bulk of the thread, but this is great. Thank you, @Dysphoria, you have brightened my day. Also, thank you @fatshark_sebgra, for helping develop and work with us on this game! It really is excellent… though I haven’t been able to play with the new content, I am so excited to get home and try it.


Thanks @fatshark_sebgra !

I’m very happy with the new content and the way the game is shaping up. Keep up the good work!

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Hi, I got an answer back from the combat designer. He says that it’s been missed to be put in a patch note. The changes has been that the Executioner Sword has had its base damage increased by about 33%, and the headshot damage bonus reduced by around 25%. Hope it’s of any help.


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