Executioner Sword changes ? (legend)

So after playing with the Executioner Sword after downloading the beta I have noticed 2 changes which haven’t been mentioned in the update list.

  1. it’s not pssible to 2 shot Raiders /Marauders anymore. Before the Beta it took one hit to the head and then a regular body hit. Now it takes 1 hit to the head and 2 regular body hits, or just 4 body hits to kill.

The second one I’m not sure, but it just feels like it’s a lot harder now to generally hit heads on infantry. It feels like the sword doesn’t connect as good anymore. Maybe there’s someone who had a similar experience, but as I said I’m not 100% sure about this one.

It felt fine for me, I did notice myself not hitting as many swings as i normally would but thats probably because of how i just stopped playing the game for a period of time and forgot how it swings. And for the raiders and mauraders, I am very unsure because i never tested but i actually thought it 1 hit raiders, so

Are you talking about light or heavy attacks?

light attacks

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