More Exe Sword Feedback

Just throwing my opinion onto the already-large pile.

Executioner sword already wasn’t an amazing weapon, but it had a different playstyle than the halberd, and it was good enough to make it work on legend. It’s a slow weapon but at least the power behind it gave it an advantage so you could play around its shortcomings. With the 1.0.8 nerf this flies out the window, it’s just completely worse than the halberd in every way, why would I bother using multiple slow charged attacks on a stormvermin when the halberd can just do a double push attack and kill it more than twice as fast? It isn’t even better against hordes, as far as I can tell the two weapons cleave just as much but without the increased headshot bonus the halberd’s faster light-block-cancel attacks just deal with groups of enemies so much easier, you have speed and range that the exe sword can’t match and the exe sword has nothing to show for it anymore.

Please just undo the executioner sword nerf, it doesn’t serve any purpose besides reinforcing the “halberd or bust” meta.


I don’t play the Ex sword, but I was planning to learn it soon and now I guess not. Hope they reverse this nerf, agree there was absolutely no point.

A tip to help lessen the impact is to stack power vs stormvermin, a bit of power will allow you to take them out with 2 bodyshots and if you get to 24.5% (slightly less might suffice since you are stacking vs skaven and vs armor), you can one-shot them again.

It’s a bandaid on a slew of new issues, though - no room to get attack speed on your charm anymore, chaos warrior fights are longer (and slower than it would be with a halberd), if there are new chaos horde-related breakpoints to reach (which there may be, but I do not know without more testing) then you can’t really reach both of those at the same time.

That’s not a tip, that’s just valueless knowledge. You need ALL attack speed you can get for EX sword to work. Even losing 5% is very painful. And there is enemies other than Stormvermin, so wasting 2 traits just to be able to deal with one of them is plain awful… 2.5, cause you might want a different bonus on your charm.

Things Exe sword needs:

-Faster attack, both light and heavy
-Less movement penalty when attacking
-More cleave

Things Exe sword has never needed:


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