Is Execution Sword OP?

I think it is.
I have all other reds and I don’t ever bother using them.
I only use spear (which is arguably not bad) on Hunter.
All other weapons seem so low on dmg in comparison, or have some weird zig-zag swings.
Anyone cares to correct me?

Exe Sword, in my opinion, is one of the most balanced weapons. Great dps vs hordes. Great armors damage… but low mobility, low survivability, low control.

Other weapons like 2H Sword and Halberd and 2h Hammer still have some advantages compared with Exe… but, if you feel the feeling that “I’m forced to use Exe”, it’s because we need some buff… the problem are the other weapons, with more disadvantages than advantages.

Try this mod… and you will notice that Exe Sword is not over power like you think.


Txs, looks like an interesting proposition, but i stick to official realm only*(
I kinda think that they should rather nerf exec a bit.
I was pretty happy with the difficulty when the beastmen came. I was a minority. But I think that Legend has once again became a cakewalk.

I respect your opinion but, if you think that Legend is a cakewalk, maybe it’s not weapons’ fault… maybe you just became too strong and it’s time to move to Cataclysm (I hope you have the DLC, since there has been the bad decision to lock it behind a paywall).

Honestly I think Exe Sword has enough pretty objective disadvantages… but, I repeat, just different opinions.

Have fun, friend.


I’m fairly happy with the Exec’s balance. If it were to be nerfed, something like -100 dodges would be in line. Hell, why does Kruber even need legs? Give him tracks and tank controls instead.

Kidding of course. This is more of a personal opinion than a fact, but I do think the crit chance on the heavy and the overall bodyshot damage of the weapon is a bit much for a headshot weapon. I’d rather it retained it’s current effectiveness but with an actual dependency on headshots. I would say this is the case for most/all of the ‘finesse’ (what a silly label) weapons, but that’s another discussion.


I agree the executioner’s sword is probably his most used weapon, so it should either be nerfed a bit, or, preferably, his other weapons should be buffed a bit.

I don’t get one thing though: you say legend has become a cakewalk, but you hardly ever use any other weapon except the one you feel it’s so strong it’s OP. If legend is that easy for you, why not try a different weapon?

Its not most balanced weapon. Its just not completly broken in one way or another.

Try to play with 1hd sword on elf then you will see balanced weapon


Ah, another one. Nice. Yea, Executioner has some minor drawbacks. But I also never understood why the heavy needs a 20 % crit chance. It is just to high. If they would just remove it or at least cut it down, the weapon would feel better.

Crit is causing some many balance issues -_-


There is a mod called “Full Weapon Rebalance” where, buffing underpowered weapons, we get a greatly better game balance… opinions? SURE, but the great majority of the players (check the poll and the thread#) love that mod and its balance… and this is the right way to take: buff unused weapons.

Nerf Exe Sword seems to me just absurd… it would ruin a super fun and balanced weapon and it would increase the number of the dull weapons who none uses.

Or would you want say that Exe has NOT a bad mobility? And a bad survivability? And a bad control? And a slow pacing? As you can see, there are tons of objective disadvantage.

#: and we are in a forum where we can find the strongest players… if we considered the average players, those ones don’t use forums, there would be even more happypeople (about Full Weapon Rebalance mod, I mean).

This one, please.

But this already happens… on Cataclysm, without headshot, you can’t kill nothing.

It’s clear that we have a really different vision of the game… we knew it.

Anyway, in my opinion, Elf’s balanced weapons are Double Sword, Double Dagger, Sword and Dagger, Spear and Shield.


Well I do find all 2H Sword options from Kruber kinda underwhelming to be honest. Even, in my opinion, the Exe Sword, could use some love (by a little margin though). The mobility it steals from you isn’t really countered by the damage it gives, crit or not. Indeed probably more the cleave than the damage.

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Yeah well if you say s&d is balanced then you clearly took too much magic grass or something :slight_smile:


These weapons have practically infinite dodge count, huge dodge bonuses, innate crit, very high DPS against everything, innate bleed DoT, and no actual relevant and significant downsides. How is that balanced? I just think that you like strong all-rounder weapons that can do everything, instead of weapons that specialize more and can’t do everything well.

The poll means nothing since it’s only the people who actually played the mod and bothered to give it an opinion. It’s going to be highly rated. It’s a useless statistic since it says nothing.

But what about weapons that you think are underpowered and need a nerf, but ones that I think are perfectly fine and capable?


It’s bodyshots breakpoints are only marginally worse than Kruber’s other weapons. For infantry it seems to generally be one extra light attack on some of them. In many cases it’s the same.

It’s a weapon with disadvantages when compared both with S&S and D&D.

S&D is a jack all trades: good in everything, master in none (it’s good vs hordes but not like S&S or Exe Sword… it’s good vs armors, but not like 2H Hammer or D&D… just to do a couple of example).
D&D has a very short range. “Meh” in everything but armors and monster damage.
Both of them have a very bad stagger and crowd control abilities.

They are just pure dps weapons… like Axe and Falchion or Billhook.

But sure… let’s nerf S&S, S&D, D&D, Axe and Falchion, Exe Sword, Billhook… let’s nerf half of the game.


  1. we already did a similar discussion, we have incompatible opinions;
  2. I don’t want start an infinite discussion

So, I will explain my idea and then I will not write anymore.

If someone want to nerf half of the game, this does NOT mean that there is an X weapon too strong compared with the other ones… a weapon that prevails over the others (since these “too strong” weapons are almost half the entire pool)… instead it means DRAG DOWN the entire cast to a lower level. IMHO a more boring and worse balanced level… BUT IT’S OK, JUST OPINIONS.

If Fatshark wants to know what the great majority think, there is the poll and the thread (Fatshark created the forum for this reason… then you are free to think that the poll is useless… your opinion, mine is that it’s the current more valuable source.

But this is fine, it’s its job. Exe must kill elites with headshots + heavy attacks and infantry with light attacks.

Then we have 2H Hammer with more crowd control (and imho a better armors damage too)… wich needs just more survivability.

We have 2H Sword that should be an half way between them… but it needs a little bit more attack speed.


Powerful =/= fun. Good in everything =/= balanced.
Balancing is not just weighing other weapons against each other, but also how they deal with challenges presented in the game. You could have an entire roster of weapons that instakill everything, and they would be balanced between themselves, but it would invalidate any threat in the actual game. You seemingly want a more casual hack’n slash game, I want a more tactical and challenging game.

No, it does not. What it actually should get is a new and revised light attack pattern and an extra stab attack after it’s push attack. It doesn’t need to be stronger, but it should be more fun to use. Right now all you do is spam heavies and weave in some push attacks sometimes. Lights are useless, and you won’t ever make them good or balanced if you just tweak them as they are now, since they overlap with heavies completely. It doesn’t need any buffs, just changes to make it more fun and engaging to use.


I feel that the approach to balancing you advocate for is part of the reason we needed a Cataclysm difficulty in the first place.

S&D/DD/Maybe Rapier on a good day/Billhook are probably hands down the best weapons in the game. We’ve gotten to a point where we can spam dodge + push against both hordes and elites again. Damage is control. 4x damage dealers right now = burst through the map in easy mode because everything is dead and nothing ever builds up enough to be threatening.


You mean master in everything. Its have insane dps, practically unlimited dodge, fast, have one of biggest burst damage and quite fast. Where do you see bad sides in it? Oh and its have half push cost


100% agree… Executioner Sword has a perfect design. A weapon that chooses its style. Very useful to clear hordes and armoured guys.

But, to reach these abilities, it must pay a cost… More than one. Above you can see what are.

I think it’s the most “honest” weapon.


I think exec is fine as is. Hits like a truck vs elites and bosses but its cleave is low unless you play merc and its has very slow handling / dodge count.

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@Rebel Just to explain my opinion, since there has been amisunderstanding:

Never said this. Simply, in the current Vermintide, I think that the strongest weapons are the most balanced.

In another game, it can be the opposite.

And Vermintide is absolutely not the case, since there are only few players that can handle the hardest contents.

Like I said, S&S has a better dps vs hordes and a better control. D&D has a better armors and monsters damage. Spear and Shield has more stagger and better defensive abilites.

And all this considering only the Elf’s weapons… just a players’ choice: jack of all trades weapons or more specialized (and better in that sector) ones? When I play as elites killer Shade or Hagbane WS, I find D&D much much much stronger than S&D.

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