Executioner Sword Don't Need Nerf


executioner sword does not need any nerf, just make other weapons more powerful/useful


I agree with you. Exe Sword (even pre-nerf) has pro and cons… and, especially after beta’s buff, every other 2h weapon is a good alternative.

p.s I suggest you to post this thread on beta section, that is the correct section!


Exe need nerf use correct category
It has way too many upsides to few downsides its not elf weapon to have only upsides


Yes it does. Buffing all other weapons makes all content easier and we do not need that.
Grail Knight is too much of the cakewalk as it is.
Frankly I’d ban him from using exec cause it’s too “unknightly”.

Which elf weapons except SnD and hagbane have only upsides though? :sweat_smile:

Fairly sure the beta patch buffed almost everything else because they under performed, even the spear which i personally am not actually sure needed one.

Feels rather overpowered on legend at least, havent tried cata as of yet…shiet that means the spear also counts.

Linking that discussion as we don’t really need duplicate topics about the exact same things : Executioner Sword and Spear: a nerf was not needed