Executioner Sword too Slow


the executioner sword is too slow now, why make a good weapon now almost useless?
why? it was perfect


Exactly thats why they nerfed it -.- too many people liked using it… LETS MAKE IT BAD!


I agree with you. Exe was a weapon with pro and cons.


The exe was slow before the nerf, now it’s pretty much unusable. The exes attack speed must of been faster then the devs thought process, so they got jealous and made it slower then their brains ability to process information.

Jokes aside, this nerf was unnecessary and they need to revert the exe back to how it was beforehand.

The reason the exe has a high pickrate comes down to the mercs talents and passives that make the weapons horizontal light attacks very effective at blending up hordes. The exes heavy attacks on the other hand are great for smashing through elites, however i’d say the Warpick is better at this due to the slightly faster windup and damage being a bit higher, so even the exe sword isn’t the best at everything.

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I don’t think Executioner needed a nerf but it’s far far from useless, it’s still a very good weapon


The xSword is still one of merc’s best weapons but is now more in line with the other 2 handed weapons.

Its still far better than the greatsword and greathammer (although those two weapons still have their uses) and is more in line with the halberd, spear, and m+s.

Now the weapon requires a bit of dodging or pushing between combos but is still a very powerful and easy to use weapon


I just didn’t like the way they went about it. “exe sword is the best weapon for merc” so rather than looking at why, they dropped it down 1 too many pegs, gave a few mediocre buffs to weapons nobody in their right mind would use, and called it “good”.

A damn shame what they did with that weapon.


I agree that exe is by no means a bad weapon now.
Although I must say I do not think it really deserved a nerf in the first place tbh.

If FS wanted to change exe, a reduction in bodyshot damage would’ve been more fitting imo.
Make exe more focussed on its signature headshots.

Attack speed nerfs simply are not that great in terms of how they change how a weapon “feels”.


I disagree that it’s useless. Exe sword had pros and cons, but it was still being used so often on every Kruber career that I think it’s valid to think that its cons didn’t really factor into the sword’s overall dominance. It’s far from unusable now, and IMO it’s still easily a top tier choice for Kruber on all of his careers. But it feels like less of a “correct” choice now.

Sadly even if it’s not a bad weapon it’s now too inferior compared to helbard and 2HH to be considered a good weapon. Shame.

uhhh how?

I can understand ranking Halberd above Exec but 2hh is a totally different weapon, I don’t think they’re directly comparable at all outside elite killing where they’re about even

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2HH is better at clearing horde than Ex is, and about the same good at killing elites. In what they are not comparable?

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it’s better at controlling a horde, not better at clearing


If you control the horde you clear it without taking damage. Yeah Ex sword may be better at clearing horde if you have someone in front of you that CC it but that’s hardly the case since frontlining should be kruber job. With a 2HH you CC, and deal a reasonable good damage that makes the weapon better in comparison.

Regarding 2h Hammer vs Exe. For FK, yeah, sure, 2h Hammer is better, as it probably should be for that class. For Merc? Yeah nah I strongly doubt that, would bet Exe still wins there. For GK, no idea which wins, probably good arguments for both. For HS you probably shouldn’t be running either anyway, so who cares which is better.

That seems like a reasonable level of competitiveness across classes to me. I really don’t think it’s at all uncompetitive now as you suggest.

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Just build around it. That’s what i’ve been doing for halberd before bbb and will continue to do after.

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The weapon is not useless, is just worse than those 2 weapons, sure Merch can be better than FK is with EX but this doesn’t change the fact that you can do a better job if you pick helbard or 2HH.

I think you’re misinterpreting me. I’m not saying Merc makes it ok, I’m saying Exe IS a better weapon than 2h Hammer on Merc, might be true for GK too honestly. Halberd is more debatable, but even then it’s not clear cut better IMO. I just don’t at all think it’s clearly worse than other options now.

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xsword was too fast, it needed nerf. Way to ease to play with how much it gave now its still quite strong but not stupidly strong


No i understood what you are saying, and i’m arguin that it’s not the case. EX is a decent weapon if we look at all the kruber arsenal but if we sum the overall value that each weapon bring on the table then it comes inferior to 2hh a d helbard. GK may be still use as secondary weapon if one want to have a different option for killing CW then just use ultimate.