Nerf Executioner? Why not buff all other swords?

So far, the problem with the executioner sword has been keeping it balanced but also excel at chopping.

Why not take a note from the textbook of real executioner swords?
If you want to nerf it, simply making it slower would probably be the easiest and most authentic way to go, especially in moves that include directional changes.

However, there is another massive advantage combat swords have in combat, which is a tip for thrusting. Unfortunately they do not in Vermintide 2, but if they did, the exe might not be such a problem to balance, in fact, it might be the additional axis swords need to be easier to balance against each other.

I am not saying it would be an easy solution to current problems, but I think it’s at least worth thinking about.

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ITs called powercreep

“Nerf Executioner? Why not buff all other swords?”

Wise old man once told me: “when you want balance, go for balancing, not overcompensating”