Executioner sword rebalance

Executioner was weapon that needed some skill to land headshots (and some breakpoint power for sv one headshoting) right now with how powerfull charged is you dont need to even land them most of times you kill chaos warrior in 3 shots without any headshot, or 2 with headshots.

I would suggest lower crit damage (its 2,5 times damage for CW its doing half his Hp one one torso crit) and armor penetration and change it to way higher headshot modifier damage to recompensate.

Make that weapon thematically again what it was, headshot focus one


X-sword is certainly not OP. I would argue it’s Kruber’s 3rd best melee weapon.

i don’t think Exe sword can kill CW 2~3 hit on cataclysm

i don’t think weapon should be balanced for under cataclysm


Since when cataclysm is base for anything.

It’s the hardest difficulty now, and should be the baseline for patches. Just like legend was.

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just wondered how you came to that conclusion?

Oh then why dont we balance for BTB its hardest possible thing right now?

cata is dlc only, balance is for base game and like everyone know Cata is not for everyone its for those few who looks for challenge.


I meant it’s the hardest of the standard difficulties (and I feel that cata should be free to everyone.)

Also with that logic, why did they nerf the dlc weapons, or balance any of the dlc maps? Legend isn’t for everyone too but they still balance around it.

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balance should be done after legend , not cata…since kata is just forced difficulty for the sake of being hard…legend balance on the other hand is immersive…
cata is just a thing for histrionics seeking to have the highest challenge where the game is forcefully unbalanced just to punish the player


balancing for legend and makes it useless on cata is not right thing

And best melee kruber has is sword and shield

Basically, it will make kruber invincible even on cata and let team handle horde less risky

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I can see it being pretty hard to balance now with the stagger mechanic… I noticed that HM longbow can 1 shot body shot nearly everything like Kruber Manbow now on Legend. The stagger mechanic is going to complicate a lot of balance. Especially with HP values all over the place now. Clan rats having Chaos unit HP and so on.


How making damage more skill based is making useless on legend?

Skill based on legend?

Hm… if you think legend is too easy with exe sword, why dont you play cata with exe sword?

So you can change it skill based on cata

You clearly dont read what others write, making exec damage similar but only on headshots was what made exec interesting in first place, now its just mindless chopping because of high crit chance and even higher damage

Please do enlighten me on the other 2 weapons better than executioner’s…

No, executioner is fine as is now
don’t nerf it, please
executioner and halberd are the only good weapons against armored enemies, for kruber


Its not nerf, its making it like it was before, more skill focused than just whacking it without any care

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