Executioner sword - bug or secret nerf?

After the big balance patch the charged attacks are weaker (you dont oneshot armored rats without any bonus anymore) and the monster damage is much lower.
There is nothing written about that in patch notes.


It’s been tagged “acknowledged” in several bug reports. So I’m assuming it’s unintended. You can still hit the breakpoint on legend to 1 shot SV with just 10% skaven power VS.

Perhaps unintended but the sword is one of the better balanced weapons I’m the game in my opinion in its current state

There are several other damage bugs like 1h sword push being weaker than normal attacks against certain enemies. Some of them cropped up during the beta but didn’t get fixed in the final release patch, so I’m guessing they got rolled into 1.4.

I totally hope that it is a bug…

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it’s not like it’s even usable now that the SFX are gutted. It physically hurts to use.

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SFX was the most important part of the weapon :smiley:

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