Two Kruber Weapon Bugs Still Need Addressing

We’ve got a candidate for the Big Balance pass to go to live and there are, at least, two weapon bugs for Kruber that really should be fixed before patch goes live.

Sword & Shield:
Heavy Attack 2 (Heavy Stab attack) critical headshots on armored units have the wrong damage profile, or something. If you get a critical headshot with a Heavy Stab on an armored unit you will deal about 20% less damage than a normal headshot with a Heavy Stab.

Executioner Sword:
Light attacks are supposed to deal less damage to the initial target hit, but this seems to have affected Heavy attacks to also deal less damage, and this seems unintended. On live, Executioner swords can one-shot Storm Vermin with no +power needed, but since Beta Update #3 Heavy attacks fall just short of the damage breakpoint needed without +power.

As far as I’m aware, these are not intended. At least, that’s what I’ve been reading. But it would be appreciated if we can at least get these issues Acknowledged officially before BBB goes live.


Also Executioner Sword cleave was reduced from 5 to 4 targets.

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