List of Bögenhafen beta bugs - ongoing

Just type them down in the comments. I’ll keep adding the ones i find, and will add those which are more of the direct kind up here. Better to have a coherent list of those then a million different posts. (If yours are more complex, please, do make an own post!)

  • Waystalker active ability not showing the animation

  • Not really sure if bug or not: Kerillian 2h sword got a massive buff. heavy stab attack now has faster animation and 2nd heavy attack will not be in heavy animation row, so just fast, heavy stabs. You can get the heavy swipe when using light left click during stab animation.

  • Kurber 2h hammer: light attack overhead headshot has less damage on armored than before, swipe attack from the right still has the right amount.

There is a separate forum section for the DLC Beta, it’s better to post the beta branch bugs there.


You are right, didn’t see that. ^^
Edited to be in correct category.


The waystalker ability thing is known, we’re fixing it.
2h sword is working as intended buffs and all, we’ll monitor beta and tweak accordingly if need be.
Will look into the 2h hammer thing - we’ve made targeted tweaks towards increasing chaos warrior damage but armor (storm vermin) damage should be the same… Unless I had a brilliant idea and then forgot about it… which almost never happens…

Thank you!


Thank you for giving 2h sword a buff, really liking it so far!

Ranged weapons that shoot bullets/pellets can’t headshot. At least on dummies not sure if in game too.

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Shield bash attacks (Including flaming sword and dagger) no longer damage armoured on primary target
3rd charge attack of Sword and shield still uses the damage profile of zweihander light attacks
One of the Quests: Helmgart Stalwart ‘Complete 3 quickplay missions’ does not include bogenhafen map completion. Update tooltip or title.
Complete all Helmgart missions on x difficulty appear to have claimable rewards despite already being claimed
Audio on switching to potions playing locally on every player
Unchained Blazing Sinews passive still has a vague description

(Probably intended changes but listing them anyway)
Ceremonial dagger can no longer chain the 1st charge attack
Animation cancelling with the rapier pistol is no longer effective

Same with “play as [character]”. Bögenhafen maps don’t count.

In “The Pit”, at least Handmaiden could get herself stuck: 22

In “The Blightreaper”, near Rosen Allee (or something like that), there’s a hole with apparently missing texture; didn’t check whether I could drop down it: 46
In the Keep, from certain angles the fabric behind Lohner bugs out:

Both Lohner and Olesya are awfully quiet, not even answering when talked to.

And finally, the right-side one of the two unarmored Training Dummies seems to be positioned so that it collides with the environment constantly, producing horrible noise.

Backstab noises can come from the front or sides, even during hordes, if you’re not near allies.

I noticed at least one from the side, from a visible attack, but I figured that might be because of wider-than-default FoV.

This beam in front of me lacks collision.
Where is it?
1st map somewhere in that maze


Rats running across the platform that was destroyed by the ratling gunfire (The Pit, at the drop where teammates are rescued, right before the Bridge of Shadows)


Buggy 3rd person model for fire, seems to follow the camera instead of being fixed onto the torch.


Can be seen here, turned the camera around quickly and made a screenshot. Fire follows the movement of the camera.


If you return to the sewers on Blightreaper, darkness will return gradually like it’s becoming night time quickly, not instantly as if you were entering a pitch black room - so you can see everything for a few seconds until it turns dark.


(Still brighter than the final form, taking 1 second later)

  • When using her ult, Waystalker carrying a torch will stow the torch aka it’ll be pitch black since she is holding her bow instead of the torch. Will return to normal torch-holding after using her ult. Intended? Probably, if so, take it as a PSA. Don’t give the elf a torch!

That’s all I found so far. :slight_smile:

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Huntsman thrill of the hunt activation icon doesn’t appear anymore.

Kruber hammer click attack damage vs armored dummy is very low.

New animation for kruber ranged weapon is not as badass as before.

I found a large number of graphical errors in the two new maps and the Keep. I’ll post links to my steam screenshots of each one I saw. I should note, the errors with the players did not occur on other maps, or in the keep, only on the two new ones. Sorry for the spoiler tags on the image links, but I figured it might be nice for my friends not to see them if they didn’t want to.

Chaos Spawn broken textures:

Weird lighting bug on barrels, coffins, small wagons, and planks:

Broken textures on skaven slaves:

Helmgart Keep texture glitches. This affected all of the cloth, including Kerillian’s tent and the banners/tapestries, and the cloth behind Lohner, as well as some bricks:

Northman seem to glow green while at a distance; this glow stops when you approach; the angle you viewed them at did affect this, making me suspect lighting issue?

Kruber was glowing green, sickly green:

Bardin’s shield had broken textures. At certain angles, the same texture issues on his shield here was viewable on his plate armor in several places:

The torch in the Blightreaper mission, when zoomed out using the “inspect character” [default keybind: X] ability is disjointed from the flame it produces:

In the new levels (I did not notice this in other levels) sometimes textures would just load at very low quality. I noticed this with stormvermin (didn’t get a screencap), pigs, and Kerillian:

Hole in the world, behind a bookcase in Blightreaper, in the library:

edit: formatting

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The Handguns (both on Bardin and Markus) occasionally seem to shoot a very fast, short burst. This seem to be a purely cosmetic issue affecting both visuals and audio, as it doesn’t affect aiming, damage or other relevant things at all. It is distracting and disorienting when it happens, though. I think I’ve seen mention of it somewhere else, but it could’ve been on Reddit.

Gatling Rat is able to fire out of this closed tower on Blightreaper.

Shotgun spread for Grudgeraker and Blunderbuss has been significantly increased. Not sure if this was intentional, as it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes. May be due to the changes to Salty’s shotgun effect but the shotguns are now pretty useless.

I got wedged in some rocks trying to drop down to the first tome in The Pit.

The contents of a chest in Dreiecke Platz in The Blightreaper (at the base of the Bogenauer Steps) are placed outside of the chest.

This only happened when I walked within like 5 feet of Salt, further away he looked normal, on the 1st map

Thought I made a topic about this, maybe it hasn’t been approved yet? I’ll just post here for visibility as well.

The talent “Build Momentum” for Foot Knight Kruber is activating on the Executioner Sword and Mercenary Sword push attack, when it should only be activating after a successful charge attack.

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