Map Dumpster 🔥

This is my ongoing dump for every thing I consider unintended related to maps.
Everything will be marked with the game version and map.
Sorted newest on top.

1.3.0 Beta, Halescourge
Spawn got stuck in place he still attacked me when I got close. Started to act normal again when the WS hit him with her ult. He didn’t climb there he came from ahead.
console-2018-11-02-13.08.39-4C83101D-A397-438F-BE74-D4C9.log (2.9 MB)

1.3.0 Beta, Halescourge
Has been reported already but here is a video of the blessed ones.

1.3.0 Beta, The Pit

1.3.0 Beta, The Pit

1.3.0 Beta, Halescourge
Player joining in and stuck.

1.2.1, Halescourge
Bots killing themselfes

1.2.1, Convocation of Decay
Another barrel that defies physics.

1.2.1, Festering Ground
Marauder unlocked flight. The bridge should be locked as a spawn area.

1.2.1, Halescourge
Congratulations it’s functional again but that is called clipping.

1.2.1 Beta, The War Camp
Bödvarr Ribspreader reaches new level of hypocrisy as he gives up without even trying to face them alone.
console-2018-10-13-12.14.29-257EC48F-4602-495E-A5AF-B3B3.log (4.1 MB)

1.2.1 Beta, Empire in Flames, The War Camp, Righteous Stand
Enemy spawning in players sight (special: hook), Righteous Stand
Cheating Blightstormer, Righteous Stand
Arena before elevator, just after entering both to the left and right. Ground not properly connected.

Insides of tower fade out too soon, Righteous Stand, Righteous Stand
There is that barrel that always drops down and teleports back up. I’m sure this is a client issue with the physics engine just like when you throw them. They stop rolling and then they teleport ~2m somewhere else., Empire in Flames
Enemies taking the easy way instead of the window., Righteous Stand
It’s still bright as daylight in here. If you want to know my settings allow to upload .config files., Righteous Stand
Face patrol some were up there. I don’t know if it spawned there or if it just stood around silent anyway there was never a sign of it’s existence and we pulled it immediately (even before we saw it)., Festering Ground (2nd buboes cave)
Enemy spawning in players sight (special: flamer), The Pit (2nd grim ahead)
Horde spawns just barely out of sight around the corners while standing here. (intended?), Convocation of Decay
The system message for the “Feed me Sinner!” challenge is given without actually doing it. If the challenge can be claimed afterwards is unknown to me., Convocation of Decay
The whole 2nd room is not properly connected and

here shines some light in as well …

every single one of there arches …

as well as these doors …, The Screaming Bell
Boss spawns behind this cart while I’m were I took this screenshot., Hunger in the Dark
Enemy spawning in players sight (special: gasrat), Empire in Flames
Spot unreachable by enemies, Fort Brachsenbrücke
Spot unreachable by enemies, Athel Yenlui, Fort Brachsenbrücke
Spot unreachable by enemies, The Skittergate
Spawned inside the elevator and Rasknitt took his sweet time to show up at the end.
console-2018-09-06-19.13.59-8AFBA61E-C6E6-4A45-AAD5-685D.log (3.6 MB), Athel Yenlui
Spot unreachable by enemies, Festering Ground
Stuck location, Festering Ground
Host didn’t respawn and then ?
console-2018-09-03-19.27.17-99FFC5F1-449B-40FD-9799-0398.log (1.3 MB), Festering Ground
Ratogre not moving, he was aggroed on me and I didn’t move. When I ulted him and moved he updated his brain again.
console-2018-09-03-19.27.17-99FFC5F1-449B-40FD-9799-0398.log (833.1 KB), Convocation of Decay, Festering Ground
Rattling able to fire from behind the rocks (crosshair), Empire in Flames
2/3 barrels loaded? I don’t think so. No influence on gameplay probably caused by trowing in barrels too fast or because I used some non event barrels., The Blightreaper
Library, walls not connected properly., The Blightreaper, The Blightreaper, The Blightreaper
Stuck location (crosshair), The Pit
Enemies jumping through fence (crosshair), The Pit
Enemies spawning in players sight (horde) (crosshair), The Pit, Into the Nest
Enemies spawning in players sight (horde) (crosshair)

1.2 Beta, Fort Brachsenbrücke
Rattling firing through the cart

1.2 Beta, The Blightreaper

1.2 Beta, The Pit
Beam ahead lacks collision


Against the Grain: The chain in the barn door (with the scripted Boss) stays hanging in the air for clients.

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Another cause for this is using barrels not from the event area - if you take any barrel from earlier area, you can put in in the cart and it will work, but in won’t update the counter.

I actually trow in the two barrels that spawn around the 2nd grim so that was it then.

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Since the devs reopened this topic, they probably want map issues to be put here. Well, here’s something a little different. A gallery of visual glitches. If there’s no Numeric UI, it’s 1.1.2.

This one’s fairly old, but AFAIK standing inside branches of trees at the end of Festering reproduces the world disappearing bug from the open beta.

Lines like these are everywhere if you play with FXAA. Convocation is particularly horrible, but RS has a good number, so does Nest and… you just see these seams everywhere.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but it’s a solid assumption this is still the case for the Helmgart vista you see both at the end of RS and in the barracks.

Some trees in Fort Brax are growing out of thin air. Common occurence, really.

There’s these floating blocks w/o collision in AY.

Many tools and boxes at the start of Halescourge are floating, too.

The horrible pop-out OP shows at Righteous Stand is actually even worse. You can get this even when you’re still on the ramparts. Is this actually secretly a console port? V1 never had to do this word filter.

And boy, small holes are EVERYWHERE. My main culprits are Convocation and Hunger, but they’re not all there is. This is the cave in AY… wish I captured more identifiable terrain. I’ll replace this one if I get a better screencap.

Stairs when you enter the mausoleum in COD, if you look back.

Look to the left of Saltzpyre. The stones have several holes between them.

Stairs are generally problematic on COD. This is in the location where you reach the first rune door (not the puzzle yet).

Nest - look above the dwarf. There’s a hole on the other side.

Holes in the floor and walls of the first part of Hunger are abundant.

It gets a little better after you procure the cart, but there still are huge blocks missing out of the walls. Near the entrance to the darkness, and after the first curve around the rubble. So many holes in the 1st grim area I didn’t even bother.

Blightreaper dungeons have this in the first event arena, I believe.

You can also go as far as to see MORRSLIEB in the first labyrinth area in Blightreaper. I like we get to see more of it after the devs seemingly forgot it existed, but this just ain’t right.

A sequel to the floating chain bug, which only occurs if you’re client. If you host, you get these floating door pieces instead!

Pretty much none of the barns in ATG have walls that fully connect to the ground. This is the monster barn, but it reoccurs in the finale.


Have barely decent amount of new stuff.
Don’t play that much anymore I’m slowly finishing the Legend all hero challenge these days

So you’re working on 1.3.0 now a balance update for talents and weapons and want to finish it this month? (Stealthily sneaked into the comment section on Reddit.)
I’m looking forward to it. New balance will certainly freshen the game up a bit. Don’t refrain from changing major game systems like crits if you don’t like how it turned out. There will always be a bit of backlash no matter what you do.

Not such a bad idea :sweat_smile:

Anyway good luck with balancing :crossed_fingers:

That’s from “Ambient Light Quality” = Low.

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And I’ve got another batch - before the thread gets locked again.

Look beyond the second gate here at The Pit. That’s good old fashioned grey hell. Nice rendering.

More from Hunger. The first path split. Yeah it’s hard to identify…

This one is at the body pile. Lots of these in this area, the floor is full of holes if you look from the right angle.

From my memory, this has to be The Pit, around where you enter the area with the second grimoire… Might be Righteous Stand though, I should keep more notes.

These hanging bodies on Halescourge aren’t actually connected to the ceiling.

Top tier rendering here on COD. No really what the hell is with the draw distance on… every asset in this game, honestly? Why is everything fading in and out and rapidly changing quality at such ludicrously low distances?

I mean look at them 1337 shadows…

Anyway, back on topic, Fort Brax.

Grey hell on Hunger.

Something’s up with this stall on TSB, you have to be in an incredibly specific spot to grab this medkit. Daily reminder medkits are 3x the size of their hitbox.

Lighting issues at the end of Righteous Stand.

Glorious grey hell. Because why render if you’re perfectly visible if you can not render and presumably safe 1/10th of a frame per second, or whatever the reason you people decided to do this?


@Fatshark_Hedge was so nice to unlock it so that shouldn’t happen.
Also Hedge what is the red bar for? spawns? really curious.

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The red bar is an editor gizmo used for generating data used by the enemies to climb/jump down from a place - they are usually hidden.


Oh hey there. You people exist! Well, I haven’t keeled over either yet.

Gonna use this thread to post a bunch of light sources you forgot to remove from the night maps. These seem to have been artifically placed on the daytime maps to highlight areas that didn’t look good enough with the overall lighting. They look very half-baked in the night mode, so it may be a good idea to take a look at them since nobody will let you live it down if you don’t bring these back.

Righteous Stand, exit from the barracks

Fort Brax. Also you didn’t fix the static lightning FX… I don’t recall a lighning even being there?..

EIF, ramshackles before the town’s square.

Righteous Stand, path to the second grim.

The temple also looks… amusingly much more illuminated than it is in the day map. Ordinarily this’d all be pitch black.

EIF, cellar entrance. Spooky.

More EIF, getting to the stairs to the ramshackle.

The most noticeable instance of this that I could find, the left stairway to the fort at the beginning of Righteous Stand.


I don’t seem to be able to edit my OP anymore. :sob:
Is it possible for me to get a thread where only I (or Regular+) can post? That way I could use the replies instead of editing the OP over and over. It would also bring the post automatically back to your attention instead of me posting some BS in the replies. :pleading_face:

It would look something like this:

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Enemy Path - V1.3 - ~16:05 UTC - Skittergate

console-2018-12-06-15.33.56-AB14154D-43F9-4340-81D8-E6C5.log (1.2 MB)

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Bug - V1.3 - ~17:20 UTC - Skittergate

console-2018-12-08-14.47.40-873F4466-3C93-48F7-878D-A344 - Cut.log (1.2 MB) (cut, file exceeded limit)

Kruber fell through the map just after teleporting. He seems to have been pounced by a runner at the exact moment he entered the gate. Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure as I forgot to hit “record that”.

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Enemy Path - V1.3 - ~11:15 UTC - Festering Ground

console-2018-12-09-10.57.10-D4B465DE-1E3B-4CEA-865A-EC61.log (1.8 MB)

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Map Visuals - V1.3 - Convocation of Decay

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Map Visuals - V1.4.0.2 - Into the Nest

Map Visuals - V1.4.0.2 - Taal’s Horn Keep

Something doesn’t quite fit here:

This, what I imagine is a laundry chain, fails to properly connect to any surface forcing the winds of magic to hold it in place.

While support pillars are usually very stable they tend to fall apart when the foundation is removed.

And yes nobody would have spotted that without the circles guidance.

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