[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.2.1 now LIVE!

With this in mind, is there any chance we’ll see something to reduce the Shade’s crazy damage on them? It’s pretty common for a Shade to solo kill a boss in just a few seconds.

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you bring a shade with daggers and feed her a purple pot, that’s a very specialised single target damage build. the shade has to depend on her party to clear the rest of the level effectively. of course she can help out, but she’s not going to be as effective for the rest of the stuff as opposed to a waystalker or handmaiden.

tradeoffs yo.


That’s not true though. Shade can deal with everything quite easily and there’s a very good reason handmaiden is referred to as the ‘clutch queen’.

That’s beside the point though and I’m not going to go further with it here. My point was that bosses are supposed to be a challenge for the team to deal with. When there’s a shade around, they’re simply not.


@liljavarg It’s on the modders to keep up with game updates. They aren’t FS mods, they just deemed them suitable for the live game.

@mookanana @Tzcheese I can see reasons to agree with both arguments in different scenarios. Daggers are more specialized and there are players that can’t hold their own during hordes on them, but there are players that can use them just fine during hordes. So it can basically be a normal run with an insta-kill on the monster. However, if you consider that there’s a challenge to kill the troll in the mines quickly after it spawns, it seems like there are speed kill methods intentionally.

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oh my point is that they’re still not as effective as other weapons when it comes to doing stuff outside of their speciality. sure, good players can handle it, but it wouldn’t be as quick as say compared to a flamer swiftbow or fireball staff for example.

anyhow! loving the patch. more patches please!!!

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The players even spawn there without any bossdoors. So if they die near such points, they’ll spawn next to you and not 100m away.

Why would you let this “buff” like it is for already strong careers?

I had to download this one and played 3 games yesterday.

  • The horde became slow and easy with no phantomswings and no hyperstacking.
  • I quitted the game at the moment , a mate threw a bomb on bödvarr and he got instakilled, because he fell of his lil tower. And this should work with other bosses/lords too.
  • Assassins exploded in the air. Nobody attacked them, they just exploded in blood.
  • Enemies dissappeared and teleported

Great experience and was so much fun! Not…

Nothing of that happened to me…neither on beta branch nor now.
Phantomswings never were a feature and some careers suffered more from than others due to the weapons which were more likely to produce these.
Looks like you are angry about a bugfix.

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Just because it didn’t happen to you, doesnt mean, that it not exists. You probably didn’t even mention it.

Yes they fixed something , but the horde enemies run 1 by 1 in your melee weapon. There is no threat anymore. Holding W and smash LMB is no fun.

Dissappearing and teleporting enemies got reported many times until the DLC Patch. It still exists.

Staggered bosses/ lords and the “Tower fall” i described got reported many times and still exists. So those challenges are gone, if it happens. Abuse or unknown… who cares.

There is even another thread that enemies dies instant at the righteous stand event. That’s probably the same what happens with the assassins.

Yep, this is similar to the thread I made back in April/May. Where you could knock Burblespue Halescourge off his platform as he teleports in with a halberd. People have found out that if you throw a bomb at Bödvarr Ribspreader as he enters, you instant kill him by knocking him off. Seen it used a few times now.

As I can see the whole beta 1.2.1 section is gone now. Does it mean that all the bugs that have been reported there are fixed?

They were just archived from what I remember Hedge said.

The beta 1.2.1 section is still up - you should be able to see and reply to existing threads (just not make any new ones in that category). Since the beta is over, bugs should be raised to the regular bug category as normal.

edit: Ah whoops! I missed a permission, now it should be read/reply for all :slight_smile:

Yep, it is visible now :slight_smile:

Also having this issue.

Disable the broken ones… you have to wait for the modders to update them. This happens nearly every patch btw, if any changes were made.

It was a trade of when she did 150-300 dmg/ult now its 350-700 we don’t need to buff everything up to the broken lvl of BH, Pyro, etc. we need balance or legend is going to be a cake walk (it’s already easy I want cata back)

I mained shade when they first reduced the cooldown to 60s and that was fun now its so broken I won’t play her.

Comparing one melee with fodder killer ranged weapons is fundamentally wrong. If you compare them with other melee weapons your point kinda stands its not as good as other weapons in inexperienced hands but over average in horde clear, top tier in single target and ap and #1 against monsters once you can handle them. (not shade specific, cross characters)
They are also buffed by accident (it seems) in 1.2 because the things that should have gotten a buff where specifically mentioned in the patch notes.

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Uh, over seen your tread, just encountered that one recently:

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My thread was archived, with all the older ones. Not visible anymore :frowning: This has been a bug since the beginning of the game. With people pushing Skittergate bosses out of bounds and instant killing them as well xD

i kinda disagree there a little bit. your melee weapon of choice normally would affect the decision of which ranged weapon to bring. also, i was specifically talking about the dagger/hagbane shade build, and why i felt that it’s really good against bosses, but would lose out on other areas to other classes - this is how it should be in terms of balance. i mean that setup isn’t going to be eradicating hordes and clearing space like an IB with a flamer can do, or special deletion like the huntsman with a rifle. she’s effective at certain areas (single target damage and hagbane for hyperdensity), but won’t be AS effective as other classes specialising in those areas.

i apologize for talking about balance in a patch thread =P i get carried away.

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