Vermintide 2 - Patch

We have just hotfixed the issue in yesterdays patch related to fire dot damage not scaling with hero power appropriately.

Sienna mains rejoice.


Welcome to Patch 2.0.6 for Vermintide 2. With this patch we’re fixing a crash on the Dark Omens level, as well as some help for users with Radeon 6000 series cards (see Technical Support below).

We have a few quick fixes and balance adjustments as well as an update to Weaves allowing partial reward for failure.

Technical Support
Users who are using ATI Radeon HD 6000 series Graphics Cards, we’ve identified the issue that leaves parts of, and in some cases, the entire UI unrendered. A workaround has been opened up which should solve this for you in the mean time.

  • Please navigate to your “user_settings.config” file:
  • Hold the WIN key and press “R”
  • enter %appdata% and press OK
  • In the ‘Roaming’ folder, locate the \Fatshark\Vermintide 2 folder
  • Find the “user_settings.config” file and open this with notepad or your preferred text editor
  • Search for the text: render_settings
  • Beneath that, create a new entry with the following: gui_bloom = false
  • It should look like this:

  • Now save the document and try to run the game.


  • “Mainstay” - Fixed a tooltip error showing mainstay dealt 20% bonus damage on first stagger level and 60% on any consecutive stagger level. Fixed to 40% and 60% respectively. Note that behaviour is unchanged, this is only a fix to the tooltips.
  • Sienna Battle Wizard - “Lingering Flames” - Fixed an issue where the burning effect would disappear while playing as a client. Note that it was only a effected the visual effect, the damage was still applied as expected.
  • Handguns - Fixed an issue that allowed shield enemies to block shots from Handguns.
  • Fixed a crash on Dark Omens
  • Fixed an issue where the Leech could target players too early when the player is spawned
  • Fixed an issue where damage done to Minotataurs wasn’t counted in the end screen statistics
  • Fixed an issue where damage done to Beastmen Standard Bearers wasn’t counted in the end screen statistics
  • Fixed an issue where damage done to Beastmen Bestigors wasn’t counted in the end screen statistics


  • Victor Saltzpyre Bounty Hunter - “Just Reward” - Reworked; Ranged critical hits reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 15%. Can only trigger once every 10 seconds.

The previous version of Just Reward, while interesting in concept, left you in a state where if you wanted to have the base functionality of Locked and Loaded where it fires one slug and one buckshot blast you resigned your passive cooldown recovery. This was a poor outcome and has therefore been changed. The new version of Just Reward has more interaction with Bounty Hunters passive ability to guarantee ranged critical hits.

  • Handguns hipfire shot now pierces shields.
  • Weaves now grant you partial experience on losses, based on how far the party progressed through the level - just like the base game

Oh nice, now I’m interested in just reward through im hardcore double shotted fan
(double shotted still giving 80% back, when fix?)

And oh wow handgun hipfire pierce shields thats noice !


BUG!!! Sienna “Lingering Flames” now deals 400 (before was alot more at least double sometime triple with good config) even with the +150% Talents!!!

It’s like the +150% talent doesnt count anymore???

This patch seems to have reduced all of Sienna’s burn DoT damages by 70%.

Was ticking for 1,150 (or something very close to that) before, now ticking for 375.

And that’s with Famished Flames on. (150% burn damage.)

Without Famished Flames, my DoT’s do 150 damage.


When will you be tuning beastmen? Or will we just keep restarting levels until they are not present in order to avoid their B|S


Great, same with crossbows please? Hipfire part*

I don’t think crossbows are supposed to or should pierce shields, tbh.


I guess he was just talking about 10% crit crossbow has in “zoomed state”.

i didnt buy the dlc, so the game i make doesn’t spawn beast men lol

so if u can, get your dlc refund and ur game wont have them too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, is that broken right now?

Nope, you still have 10% crit zoomed, and no crit with hipfire, same as handgun shots before this patch only pierced shields with zoomed fire. I agree that it seems logical to make similar change to the crossbow, just add that 10% crit to hipfire, but I’m not sure it’s such needed change.


xbow have already 10% crit on aimed

Same with Bounty Hunter ult please, it’s ridiculous that it doesn’t.

That is great rework. If only we could dodge backward and shoot ult without being hit…

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I can confirm that. The +150% talents is working though, it’s the base damage that are very low now ( 200 dot on conflag ).

Cool. Now fix loading in as one character when you queued as another.

The quick reload talent for Ranger Bardin doesn’t seem to be working as intended for the grudge raker. I’m killing multiple enemies and it doesn’t proc. Is it calculated on the pellets? Does firing 2 shots cancel it if the second shot doesn’t proc it?

I think it was only ticking for that in the keep and never outside. Otherwise, stuff would have to die ALOT faster than it did.

Shotguns have ONE pellet that procs traits. The center pellet that is always on target.


There’s something in the options where you can disable auto-joining as anyone. It’ll offer you available Classes or you can cancel before joining.