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Enemy Spawn - V1.4.0.2 - ~12:50 UTC - Festering Ground

console-2018-12-12-11.48.44-AA2C8C43-5F0C-4284-89EC-B4C8.log (3.3 MB)

Enemy Spawn - V1.4.0.2 - ~22:35 UTC - Against the Grain

console-2018-12-12-22.22.42-A6FF5239-01CD-4641-A880-F27E.log (805.5 KB)

Obstacle - V1.4.0.2 - Empire in Flames

Blocks the way to simply walk past it, a jump is needed.

Gatekeeper Naglfahr not spawning - V1.4.0.2 - ~22:00 UTC - Skittergate

console-2018-12-17-21.41.57-8E27ACA2-9A93-413C-BFDF-48C3.log (650.0 KB)

Safe Spot - V1.4.0.2 - Empire in Flames

Ratling Gunner Wall Hax - V1.4.0.2 - Athel Yenlui

Hey. We’d prefer new threads for non map related issues. It’s more of a task to collect various different kinds of issues from one megathread.

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Do you prefer mapping in one? or split it as well?

Maps etc are ok, its helpful but the other non map related stuff are best in their own threads

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AAAnd about this:

Thankfully nobody decided to comment on everything here (the size surely kept most away).

Sadly the boards don’t allow for these limitations. It is possible to allow specific groups (such as Dev, QA, Support etc) to be restricted to certain categories but not specific threads, and it’s not possible to restrict user ranks to anything in any way.

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Ok thx for letting me know.

Map Visuals - V1.4.0.2 - Taal’s Horn Keep

Bot Suicide - V1.4.0.2 - Skittergate

He managed to follow me to the tome but failed on the way back.

Bot Stuck - V1.4.0.2 - ~20:45 UTC - Into the Nest

console-2018-12-19-19.49.07-F483077D-A3AE-4342-9BF0-7578.log (1.7 MB)

I ordered him to pick up a tome that was dropped by death of a player located just after dropping down into the room. He got stuck there repeatedly and was never able to pick it up.

Bot Suicide - V1.4.1 - Halescourge

All by himself.

Ratcension - V1.4.0.2 - ~20:30 UTC - Into the Nest

console-2018-12-19-19.49.07-F483077D-A3AE-4342-9BF0-7578.log (1.7 MB)

Enemy Spawn - V1.4.1 - ~15:10 UTC - Empire in Flames

console-2018-12-20-14.57.30-A4908C7A-B800-4D5F-9232-FD2A.log (1.3 MB)

Wrong Respawn Location - V1.4.1 - ~18:35 UTC - Into the Nest

console-2019-01-01-15.24.55-E787D2E0-4453-48C3-AAD0-7DBC - cut.log (602.2 KB)

We died in this section:

The last survivor was in this section during respawns:

I respawned here:

The others here in front of the entrance:

Ratling Gunner Wall Hax - V1.4.1 - Athel Yenlui

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